May 17, 2022



The Glorious Rapture of the Church!

Here is the best news about being a Christian! Jesus promised to come back for us, receive us unto Himself, and take us with Him to heaven and to the Father. Jesus personally made this infallible promise to His disciples. Today, WE are Jesus’ disciples on the earth.

Not only is the Rapture unequivocally true, but it is finally going to happen—and it WILL happen to us (click this link to replay last Sunday’s weekly broadcast entitled, “Jesus WILL Return for His Church! 5-15-2022”). 

After 2,000 years of the Church being on the earth, WE are the PEOPLE of the glorious Rapture!

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  • If Christians today do not believe in the event of the Rapture and more specifically, if we do not believe that it will happen to us, we have a serious problem. Why? 
  • Because everything Jesus said is now coming to pass about the “fig tree” or Israel being reborn, being the final generation, including all the signs of the time of the end. 
  • Indeed, we are living in the 74th year of the final generation of 80 years! 
  • Again, if we do not believe that the Rapture is for us, we imply that Jesus lied to us. This implication suggests that everything about Jesus is a lie. That means He’s not the Christ either; and, we are not saved and salvation is yet nonexistent.
  • For a fact, the Rapture will take place soon…and it will happen to us personally because the TRUTH of the Rapture rests on…
      • ALL the truth about Christ
      • ALL the truth about God 
      • ALL the truth about the Bible
  • Please refer to our book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, pages 339-358, Chapter 15 entitled, “Christ’s Appearance in the Rapture.”
  • Yet, as I said in the broadcast last Sunday, it is almost impossible nowadays to find Christians who believe the truth that we WILL go up in the Rapture!

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  • Certainly, there are millions of reasons for the Church rejecting the TRUTH of the Rapture and its soon coming manifestation. 
  • Here are some of the main causes for this horrible reality in the Church:
      • The Church is not controlled by God, but governed by the antichrist spirit and ruled by the whole system of antichrist Christianity. 
      • Many other demons assist the antichrist and its system working against us in the Church. 
      • Demon spirits such as deception, fear, confusion, unbelief and rebellion against the truth are powerfully working in assisting the antichrist. 
      • All these are responsible for a global Church caught in the snare of deception and unbelief.
  • However, here is the good news! 
      • The Rapture is TRUE. 
      • The Rapture will TRULY come to pass…. for US!
      • The Rapture is THE climactic event of ALL time. It’s THE climax of man’s entire 7,000 years on earth. 
      • The Rapture will round off a series of SPECTACULAR end-time GLOBAL events in Gods’ end-time plan, such as…
      • The Outpouring of the Spirit on EVERY person, resulting in a global revival producing a global harvest of BILLIONS of souls.
  • Oh my God, how awesome it is to know the TRUTH of these last days…
      • and of the global revival…
      • and of the glorious Church which we will become…
      • and of the global harvest which we will reap…
      • and of the global Rapture of all the Church when we WILL leave this earth…
      • and go with Jesus to the Father!

Precious Holy Spirit, I pray that you would be the Spirit of revelation and enlightenment—to the Church.

  • As the Apostle Paul said, it’s time for the Church to awake and arise and experience the great GLORY of God that are now set before us for these final days of the Church on earth…. indeed, the time of THE climax of ALL the ages! 


Help us Lord to see the glories that we are about to enter into. 

Prepare us and raise us up for the GREAT hour of God’s glory that is now coming upon and will overwhelm all the earth and every upon it. 

Glory be to God forevermore!


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