Are you disheartened by the current Church system?
Are you hungry for TRUE Christianity?
It’s TIME for the revolution of God’s remnant army!

The MISSION of Gabriel Heymans Ministries is to challenge, equip and empower the Church to prepare for God’s Apostolic and Prophetic revolution of FIRE and GLORY. We passionately proclaim God’s end-time message and destiny plan to everyone who is eagerly awaiting the soon return of Jesus.

Our CALLING is to raise up the Lord’s remnant army of Holy Spirit believers who are prepared and ready for launch into God’s final conquest of earth. Those who are hungry and on the cutting edge to lead this army will experience the magnitude of reaping God’s end-time GLOBAL HARVEST of souls.

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Since 1983, GHM has been a prophetic forerunner and carrier of Holy Spirit revivals internationally, specifically introducing the person of Holy Spirit to the Church to experience a breakthrough of walking and living a daily spirit life with Him.


In 2010, the ministry transitioned into the Apostolic call to prepare and equip the Church for His glorious return.


In 2017, we began writing and producing an arsenal of tools beginning with our flagship publication, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution – THE OWNER’S MANUAL of God’s end-time plan for the great “climax of the ages” (Ephesians 1:10).


This journey continues as we produce companion media tools with targeted content that will propel the remnant generation into this last day calling of God’s destiny plan.
Praising • About Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution

The Lord has commissioned GHM to…



declare the urgency of the times with unique revelation on God’s dispensations of government.



teach about the acceleration of the times and seasons of God for the last day generation of the Church.



impart and raise up leaders to the five-fold ministry.



write and produce by Holy Spirit a library of media materials designed to equip the Church for action.