Weekly Insights

Major Events Coming in July!

Major Events Coming in July! At the beginning of July, we will enter the second half of 2022—a six-month period that we are expecting the Fire Outpouring to start here in America. In forty years of ministry, I have NEVER been this excited about anything as I am with...

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The Revolution is within Our Spirit!

The Revolution is within Our Spirit! God's end-time Revolution of GOLD and GLORY is within our spirit. If we have sought the revelation of this plan from the Lord, Holy Spirit has already placed it within our spirit-man. God called the Church to live the LIFE of the...

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America is God’s Special Choice!

  America is God's Special Choice! Let's revisit America and talk about why she is SO special to the Lord in these last days. Most of you may recall that since my arrival here in 1988, I have always talked about America holding a special place in the heart of...

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A Journey of Adventure!

A Journey of Adventure! A life of fellowship with Holy Spirit is always an AMAZING adventure! Since 2017, the walk with Holy Spirit has become like a staircase. Every step we have taken up the staircase since 2017 has been more than just another elevation—it has been...

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Recent Weekly Insights

Our arsenal of Spirit-led books contains the revelation and power that today’s remnant army of
Holy Spirit believers need to be equipped and ready for
God’s final end-time Revolution!