America is God’s Special Choice!

Jun 14, 2022


America is God’s Special Choice!

Let’s revisit America and talk about why she is SO special to the Lord in these last days. Most of you may recall that since my arrival here in 1988, I have always talked about America holding a special place in the heart of God.

During the revival of the 90’s, as the anointing of God fell in EVERY meeting and THOUSANDS of Christians became part of the Revival, it was easy for the Church at that time to believe that spiritually speaking America held a special place in God’s heart.

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  • Unfortunately, since 2005 we have NOT experienced any fresh outpourings of revival in this country. In fact, the opposite has taken place.
  • A spiritual drought set in about the time the FIRE outpouring was originally planned by God to start in October 2007.
  • During the writing of our flagship book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, the Lord reminded me of the reasons behind the spiritual drought. On pages 263-267, I carefully explained the whole scenario of the spiritual drought in America and the delay to the new outpouring of FIRE.
  • However, here is the GOOD news! On July 14, 2017, the Lord began to give me His blueprint for the new Revival of FIRE. This book is an instruction manual to inform and prepare every child of God who wishes to be prepared for the belated outpouring of FIRE.
  • Since 2017, in our ministry we have taken giant leaps forward to the outpouring of FIRE—which we now expect to arrive before the end of this year of 2022!
  • In which way is America different or more special to God than the rest of the world?
      • God’s choice is to set America at the forefront of the FIRE Revival which will be a global outpouring of His Spirit.
      • God’s choice of America simply means that the Revival will start here first, and within a relatively short period of time, it will spread into all the world!
  • The entire development of the modern world and the discoveries of the modern world, like steel structures in our cities, electricity, the automobile and many other inventions at the beginning of the 20th century spearheaded God’s plan regarding America.
  • This plan, as we just mentioned, included MORE than a spiritual choice since the spiritual choice was backed up with God raising up America industrially, economically and financially to become the LEAD nation of the world at the end of World War II.
  • Since then, God has continued to pour great knowledge into our nation in all walks of life, including science and weapon technology. Today, America is still the leading nation of the world in EVERY field of technology in society.
  • We simply possess ALL the cutting-edge technology of development in EVERY field of knowledge of ALL that can be known today.

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  • Although I traveled to New York City many times during my flight attendant days, I was shocked to observe first-hand the greatness of this land after my arrival in 1988.
  • I witnessed an infrastructure that was vast, comprehensive, and clearly set in place by God to accommodate the explosion of the outpouring of the Spirit in the coming days!
  • Consider some of our major facilities to gather masses of people. For example, we have many pro football stadiums, college football stadiums, baseball parks, large convention complexes with hotels included on or near the same properties.
  • Truly America has been set up to accommodate the gathering of great masses of people.
  • Upon arriving here in America at first, the Lord began to point out to me all these AMAZING facilities as part of the GREATEST infrastructure of any nation of all times.
  • In regards to the Church, we have the following throughout all 50 States of the Union…
      • Christian radio
      • Christian TV, and now also…
      • Satellite Christian TV
      • Thousands of churches
      • Independent ministries, as well as many…
      • Supportive Christian organizations and businesses
  • People and even the Church tend to ALWAYS focus on the negative. Yes, America is going through a tough time again, not just economically but all across the board—most of all, spiritually.
  • The spiritual decline has been ongoing since 2007, but we are truly approaching the end of this season of decline. The hardship we are experiencing in the economy at the moment is the FINAL universal attack of the enemy BEFORE the Revival
  • Through COVID, the devil tried to prevent even the possibility of a new outpouring of God’s Spirit and for several years so much seems hopeless, but we’re coming OUT of the trial of COVID globally!
  • We will soon overcome the economic attack against us financially.
  • Then, nothing will be able to hold back God’s FIRE from heaven…NOTHING!
      • This is the reason why we are always telling you to spend time with Holy Spirit. He’s the ONLY One that can make it REAL to you that the outpouring of God is about to begin.
      • Refer to our latest book, The Global Outpouring of the Fire of God, to learn more about how to prepare for the outpouring of FIRE in these last days.
      • Holy Spirit is the ONLY One who can make the soon coming Revival a REALITY to you, causing it to come alive and burn within your spirit!




America will bless the rest of the world as the LAUNCHING PAD of God’s last-great-revival—the REVIVAL OF FIRE!!

It’s coming soon to everyone, and no one can stop it!!!




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