The Revolution is within Our Spirit!

Jun 21, 2022

The Revolution is within Our Spirit!

God’s end-time Revolution of GOLD and GLORY is within our spirit. If we have sought the revelation of this plan from the Lord, Holy Spirit has already placed it within our spirit-man. God called the Church to live the LIFE of the SPIRIT!

Today, 2000 years after Jesus departed the earth, the LIFE of the SPIRIT is still a foreign entity to the Church overall.

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  • As you may understand by now, antichrist Christianity is to blame for the Church ignoring both Holy Spirit and the born-again human spirit.
  • Indeed, among the many things wrong with the present Church system (antichrist Christianity) is the fact that there is NO spirit life available to the Church since the antichrist spirit took control of the Church in A.D. 90.
  • For this reason, in addition to giving us revelation and understanding of His end-time plan of GOLD and GLORY, the Lord exposed to us the FULL operation of antichrist Christianity in 2021.
  • In obedience to the Lord, we published all of that TRUTH in a new book entitled, TRUE Christianity.
  • Although the life of the Spirit cannot be seen in the natural world, it is far more real and powerful than anything in the natural.
  • The Word of God says that the kingdom of God is WITHIN US, that is WITHIN OUR spirit-man:
    • Everything we have received from God is in OUR
    • That includes the miracle of salvation whereby we became a new creature in Christ and everything regarding God’s kingdom that Holy Spirit has formed in our spirit until the present time.
    • Indeed, the kingdom is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy IN the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17).
  • Jesus said that man shall NOT live by bread alone, but by EVERY Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
  • Our spirits feed on the Word of God and so we grow spiritually; not by putting the Word in our heads, BUT by asking Holy Spirit to put the Word in our hearts—then we grow spiritually!
  • After three years of writing what the Lord gave me, GHM was finally able to produce an exhaustive book regarding God’s end-time Revolution for the harvest of the nations.
  • It is important for us, of course, to gain an understanding in our minds of the plans and purposes of God; but they do NOT become REAL to us until through fellowship, Holy Spirit imparts God’s end-time plan into the very depth of our human spirit.
  • Wrongfully, we always look for spiritual realities on the OUTSIDE. We want to see the things of God manifest INSIDE our world so we can observe them with the naked eye.
  • And so, we are all waiting for the FIRE Revival to start and we look forward to the new outpouring as the beginning of God’s end-time plan. Again, we are wrong to look on the outside.

GOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 2Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution

  • As the Church, we should know by now that everything with God starts FIRST with the Spirit. In last Sunday’s broadcast entitled, “The Real Gold & Glory Revolution! 6-19-2022,” we pointed out to you that God’s end-time Revolution has already begun.


      1. The first part is what the Lord gave to me and to this ministry to record in God’s Gold & Glory Revolution. That was the first phase of the Revolution, which I call the REVELATION phase.
      2. The second part of the Revolution started with the publication of the Gold & Glory book, and that was the time when any Christian who hungers for God could have entered into the Revolution itself, through Holy Spirit in the human spirit.
  • While writing the book, I kept saying to people to stop asking me about when the book would be published, rather make use of the time to fellowship with the Lord and ask Holy Spirit to prepare your heart for the TRUTH of the Revolution.
  • The publication phase of the Revolution began with the release of the Gold & Glory book, and concluded with the fourth and final book about God’s Fire, The Global Outpouring of the Fire of God.
  • So, the second phase was to receive through Holy Spirit the revelation of 700 pages of all four books—which obviously would take some time for God to download all that information in our human spirit.
  • Due to the fact that time is very short, the Lord told us to offer the third phase of the Revolution RIGHT AWAY to those who are HUNGRY for it. In this third phase, we began to raise up a remnant Church for the soon coming Revolution!
  • Throughout the history of both Israel and the Church, there has always been a small number of people who truly seek the Lord, hear His voice, and become part of His plan. This is God’s intention with raising up a remnant Church which is the third phase of the unfolding of the actual Revolution.
      • Again, number 1 was the REVELATION phase, the giving of the message to this ministry.
      • Phases 2 and 3, publishing the materials and preparing God’s REMNANT were simultaneously presented to you through our arsenal of books and Sunday broadcasts!
  • Now you may understand why we have been running so fast with what God has given us through the publication and remnant phases. All these things are downloaded by God’s Spirit within our human spirit!
  • Here is the heart of this week’s message:
      • God’s end-time Revolution does NOT begin when He pours out His Fire.
      • For all of us, it started with the Revolution being given to us through the 4-book series.
      • Looking on the outside, we may think the Revolution has NOT yet begun because it has not yet manifested, and so the actual outpouring of God’s fire will be phase number 4.
      • The Revolution itself has been ongoing since May 22, 2020 when our Gold & Glory book was released.
  • Here is what will make the difference. If we are being prepared daily by the Lord by seeking continual fresh impartations of God’s plan in our spirit, then we will TRULY become God’s remnant by the time the outpouring begins.

I pray to the Lord every day to give every one of us the hunger for the Lord in our spirit so that we would seek these all-important impartations of Holy Spirit in our human spirit.

We must be armed with the REVOLUTION in OUR SPIRIT FIRST, and we must carry it in our heart so that we can be right on the cutting edge of the outpouring of God’s FIRE coming in the very near future.

I pray to God that each one of US would seek the full impartation of God’s new Revolution within US and so be fully prepared for its manifestation in the Outpouring of God’s Fire on all people!


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