A Journey of Adventure!

Jun 7, 2022

A Journey of Adventure!

A life of fellowship with Holy Spirit is always an AMAZING adventure! Since 2017, the walk with Holy Spirit has become like a staircase.

Every step we have taken up the staircase since 2017 has been more than just another elevation—it has been an increase and acceleration of an adventure with Holy Spirit.

Truly over the last 5 years, the Lord has literally flooded us with fresh truth and revelation concerning the mystery of His last day plan with the Church (Ephesians 1:9).

Hand in hand with Holy Spirit, He has escorted us up the staircase of DISCOVERY at an ever-increasing pace. Quite frankly, we are simply blown away by what God has shown us and told us, especially over the last 2 years!

GOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 1:Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution

  • All of this acceleration in the knowledge of the Lord, as you may know, has resulted in the publication of an arsenal of four (4) end-time books for the Church for the last great move of God around the world before Jesus’ return.
  • Truly, we are already experiencing the beginning of this end-time plan of the Lord, as it unfolds with NEW revelations and experiences on almost a daily basis.
  • Our hearts and our faith are focused on Holy Spirit, to be a fully yielded vessel of ministry to Him so that He can impart everything we have received to all those who follow our ministry.
  • If it wasn’t for the great ministry of Holy Spirit through us, we would not have been able to pass on to you the abundance of what we have received from the Lord.
  • Indeed, our books, Sunday broadcasts, and Weekly Insights e-newsletters have been jam-packed with so much ministry information and revelation!
  • Our prayer every day is that: everyone who is truly hungry for the great things of God today would allow Holy Spirit to impart ALL of what He’s given to us—into both your spirit and your mind.
  • Starting in April of 2022, we announced to you the beginning of a new season with the Church in all of the progressions of God. This new season, as the Lord told me, is called “The Countdown,” and it is ON!
  • The Lord is literally counting us down through the course of this year to the beginning of the new Revival of God, which is the Outpouring of His FIRE on the Church.
  • As the Lord told me, the Countdown season will consist of a series of VERY important messages geared especially toward finalizing our training and preparation for this new
  • Frankly, we have had so little time over the last 2 years to teach extensively about the massive amount of fresh ministry material which the Lord has provided for us, especially through the 4 books.
  • In order to teach extensively on just our flagship book God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, it would require at least a couple of years of daily Bible school. I do have the time for it, but we don’t have the audience for it. So, we’re not able to do this.
  • Since we have been able to cover only a small amount of all the materials of the books, the Lord is now handpicking special messages for us during the Countdown season to kind of fill in the gaps and build some large pieces into the puzzle of His whole end time plan!


GOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 2:Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution

  • Over the next few weeks, starting on Sunday, June 19, we’re going to take a break from bringing new messages for a following number of weeks, and we’re going to look back at all of the abundance of what the Lord has given us since the beginning of the Countdown season on Sunday, April 3.
  • I’m going to sit down with my associate minister, Pastor Tim Whitmore, and we’re going to take a look back over this flood of material that we have received from the Lord since April 3, and look to Holy Spirit to walk us through this material and reestablish and reinforce all of what the Lord has given us.
  • This is the strong leading of the Lord that I have received for us to do this, so that the Lord may solidify all of the Countdown materials for us to date.
  • I trust that our 4-part pre-tribulation Rapture series entitled, “The Glorious Church Rapture,” on our YouTube channel, Gabriel Heymans Ministries TV, was enlightening to you.
  • Click the following links to replay each of the 4 broadcasts from the series, since there will be no broadcast on Sunday, June 12.
  • You have to forgive me for my own emotions sometimes jumping into the teachings, since I do carry with me everyday a good amount of frustration over all the destructive and false antichrist Christianity teachings that has so destroyed the Church.
  • In starting this series on May 15, I was convinced in my heart that through Holy Spirit, we could deliver a significant teaching about the Church Rapture in only 2 weeks; and in the end, I was right. So, what caused the 2 lessons planned with the Lord to double into 4 lessons?
      • Simply this: half of what we brought through these 4 lessons was about killing and destroying all the FALSE teachings on the Church Rapture.
      • So, the destruction of antichrist Christianity teachings was half of the whole effort, thus 2 lessons became 4.
  • But the journey of adventure continues! We will continue to run with the Lord throughout this journey and travel up the staircase of the God to NEW steps and NEW levels of GLORY!!
  • Like the Apostle Paul says, we’re putting behind us everything to run this race and experience this journey of adventure with the Lord. Oh, Glory to God!
  • Our NEW destination is already in sight. We are looking toward and begin to sense in our hearts the soon coming fresh Outpouring of the Spirit of God!

We pray that the Lord may impart TRUE hunger and passion in our hearts so that we will continue to run with the Lord with excitement and joy; and through faith and patience, we will inherit the promise of the new Revival of God’s Spirit—and the ultimate fulfillment of our destinies in these last days.

Let’s run together with Patience, Power, Purpose and FIRE in our hearts!

Our victory is NOW before us!! Praise God forever more!!!



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