The Infallibility of Prophecy!

Aug 29, 2023

The Infallibility of Prophecy!

The world of today is an environment of confusion, deceptions and lies. Oftentimes, it is hard to figure out what is truth and what is not truth. Even among Christians, it is difficult to distinguish true faith from Church doctrines.

As far as God is concerned, He desires for us to find the absolute TRUTH of the New Testament Word and the TRUTH of God’s Holy Spirit. Besides, Jesus sent Holy Spirit to us after His departure to bring outpourings of Revival; but EVEN greater than that is the personal relationship He seeks to have with every born-again person!


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  • For 2,000 years, the Church has failed to produce a clear message of the truth of TRUE Christianity, and how to live this life of the Spirit with God. From the early 1500’s on, starting with Martin Luther, a slow but progressive plan of God was put in place to cause the Church to return to the True realities of Jesus’ salvation and the new covenant life.
  • To learn more about Martin Luther and the Reformation, please refer to our flagship book―the “dare to believe” end time handbook,  God’s Gold & Glory Revolution (pages 200, 230, 260, 285-286, and 393).
  • God’s words are SO different from ours. The words we personally speak are expressions of our mind and do not reach farther than what the five senses are able to communicate. God’s Word is very different from ours; Gods Words will ALWAYS come to pass. Jesus told His disciples in John 6:63 that the words He was uttering were the TRUE words of the Father. The Words of God are ALL spiritual words. They will endure forever and will NEVER pass away, even after their fulfillment at the end of time. 
  • Concerning the words of the New Testament, Apostle Paul clearly stated that the message of Christ which he was preaching came to him directly from the Lord. The Apostle Peter says that every Word of God is inspired by the gift of prophecy which reveals to us how to live life as a Christian; but then the Word of God also addresses the issues of the future.
  • Not all of God’s plans for our future are yet known to us, even words that God has spoken to us about the future. We may be able to understand the content of these words while we’re waiting for the manifestation of all God’s future promises. Faith for everyday living is something we’re able to do because Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us in ALL truth of our rich salvation which we have received from Christ.
  • So then what about the future? Is there a sure word of God given to us concerning the future? Most definitely, YES! A large portion of the New Testament epistles contain the revelations of God’s future plans for us. These words of the future are called prophecy. A prophecy should be received from the Lord when He speaks such futuristic words to us.
  • Please refer back to our last “Weekly Insights” e-Truths, The Power of Prophecy, for the full context and scriptural evidence regarding the power of the Word of Prophecy in the Word of God!



  • Apostle Paul reminds Timothy that every word of God that he had received from the Lord came to him by God’s power. These prophetic predictions also contain God’s end time plan for the Harvest of the nations and the soon return of Jesus.
  • The Church at large does not understand that the prophetic Words of God are infallible. These Words carry the nature, the power, and the purpose of God for tomorrow.
  • As we look back in Bible days, we’re able to locate many prophetic messages given throughout the times of the Bible. Some of these futuristic words of prophecy started with Adam and Eve, yet God has continued through time to bring fresh portions of His futuristic words to us, which is prophecy.
  • All these messages that are prophetic and for the future enable us to get a glimpse of what God WILL DO in the future. Since we are approaching the final days of the Church on Earth, the prophetic words of God for OUR generation become more pertinent and powerful as the times of the manifestations of every one of these prophecies rapidly approaches. Again throughout the history of the Word of God and future predictions, up to this point of time, every prophecy spoken by the Lord has come to fulfillment. However, the best is yet to come!
  • What is the heart of God’s prophetic message to us today? It contains God’s last day plan, the outpouring on all flesh, the rise and government of a truly glorious Church, and so much more.
  • It’s all laid out in our end-time arsenal of books, which contain KEY points of both Prophetic and Apostolic revelation for God’s people in the last day plan for His glorious Church!
  • How blessed we are that the Lord preselected us before the foundation of the world TO BE ALIVE TODAY, on the verge of the FULL MANIFESTATION of His prophetic plans for the Church and the salvation of all nations!
  • These prophetic words for our time are TRUE and they are also INFALLIBLE. Some think that if we don’t pray about the future, God’s plans will fail; rather, if we don’t pray and fellowship with the Lord ourselves, we may endanger our personal destiny because of these prophetic events. This will happen for everyone in the Church that is not focused on the Lord and His immediate future plans of the last generation of the Church.
  • Set before us today are clear-cut, prophetic plans of the Lord. They are too vast for us to fully comprehend in our minds. Regardless, the time of all these future prophecies is at hand. At the right moment as predetermined by the Lord, every part of God’s end time message will unfold before our eyes.
  • All these prophetic utterances of greatness and glory for the end time Church will now come to pass. Like Peter says, “we have a surer Word of prophecy” for the prophetic scriptures. Nothing can withstand or withhold the full manifestation of every prophetic prediction of God for our time! Whether we pray or not, whether we believe or not; regardless, all the infallible prophetic words of God for these very last days WILL come to pass as God predetermined them before the foundation of the earth. Soon every end time prediction of prophecy will come into full manifestation that will shake the Church and shock the world!
  • These prophetic events are not tarrying―they are simply awaiting their time of fulfillment. Personally, we pray for people―prophetically, God will bring all His future promises into full manifestation. Believing it or not, praying for or not, the devil opposing it, or not―the infallible Words of God will ALL manifest soon in their individual appointed time.

OUR GENERATION, here at the end of the Church age, is PRIVILEGED to not only witness all God’s future prophecies, but also to become part of their manifestations ALL over the world! Just like God Himself, His prophetic words are all TRUE and INFALLIBLE!


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