The Great Wonder of the Church Rapture!

May 31, 2022

The Great Wonder of the Church Rapture!

As the Lord has continued to speak to us over the last few weeks regarding the Church Rapture, we are in AWE of what we SEE! (To learn more about the Rapture, click this link to replay our Sunday weekly broadcast entitled, “Jesus WILL Return for His Church! 5-15-2022”).

For a fact, the impending Church Rapture is indeed the wonder of all wonders, soon to transpire on planet earth.

The Rapture of the Church is THE climax of ALL which God has planned for the Church.

It has taken 2,000 years since the birth of the Church in Jerusalem and the beginning of the Church age of Grace; and NOW finally we are approaching that time!

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  • According to the words of Jesus, His return is imminent BEFORE one single generation (70 to 80 years based on Psalm 90:10) can pass away after the blossoming of the Fig Tree (Israel’s independence on May 14, 1948).
  • Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves!
      • Is this really true?
      • Is this really happening to us?
      • Is God’s end-time plan really about to explode all across planet earth?
      • Are we truly experiencing the final moments of preparation before the explosion of God’s FIRE?
  • For a fact, we are all human beings with “meathead” minds, which fall short of the glory of God. Paul explains this to us by saying that the mind of the flesh is enmity against God (Romans 8:7), indeed it is hostile to the Lord and His glory.
  • Furthermore, our human minds are as limited as our bodies…they can ONLY operate in the natural realm of Earth. Yet, the more we look at the scriptures and the facts, we confirm over and over again that this is truly the time when all the end-time exploits of God WILL come to pass. Pinch yourself a second time with joy! It is all REAL!
  • The pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church is THE most wonderful promise of Jesus made to the Church, since we have now confirmed through our Sunday broadcasts that we WILL truly be the recipients of this great miracle.
  • It is time to get excited and prepared for our glorious departure to meet Jesus in the clouds of glory!
  • BUT we at GHM are not “pie in the sky” futurists! At the same time that we’re rejoicing over the Rapture, our feet are still firmly planted on the ground.
  • Yes, we rejoice about leaving soon. But before we do, our entire DESTINY in the Lord is jam-packed into the final short years of time before we leave!
  • We’re talking here about God’s end-time REVOLUTION which we will step into soon, as the FIRE of God begins to be poured out all over the world.
  • Yes, this is really where our focus is…the very soon coming end-time revolution of FIRE and GLORY! Get our latest book, The Global Outpouring of the Fire of God, to learn more.

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  • As you may know, in obedience to the Lord, we have concentrated the entire effort of our ministry (particularly since 2017) to bring the knowledge of the revolution to God’s people. We have been doing this non-stop until now!
  • By the inspiration of the Lord, we have recently paused in our quest for the revolution to examine where all this ends for us, which is in the pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church.
  • When we look at the Rapture in the Epistles, we see that the Apostle Paul brought this revelation to the Church—both with great urgency and JOY!
  • The JOY is all about the nature of the event, that it is full of blessings, and it is void of tribulation and death. It is the good hope of the return of Jesus for the Church, just as He promised His disciples.
  • In explaining this event for us in detail in 1 Thessalonians, chapters 4 and 5, Paul encourages us in Chapter 4, verse 18, to comfort and exhort one another concerning this specific event, the pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church.
  • Over the length of the last 2,000 years, the devil has worked feverishly to discredit and deny the reality of this glorious event.
  • Furthermore, satan through the antichrist spirit has brought confusion and fear about the Rapture by completely denying its truth.
  • The most favorite LIE of the enemy in its attack of the Rapture is to convince a large portion of the Church that we would have to endure the first half of the tribulation.
  • I believe the Lord has quickened my heart at this time to focus on some of the wonderful specifics of this GLORIOUS event.
      • Through our obedience to God, the Spirit of the Lord is presently using our ministry to discredit and destroy ALL the lies of the enemy about the Rapture.
      • On the positive side, we are inspired by the Lord to teach, and for the Lord to reveal some amazing WONDERS about the coming Rapture—true realities never yet taught or shown to the Church.
      • Thank God for His ministry of LIFE and PEACE to us!
  • Our next broadcast on June 5th will be number 4 in this series on this teaching about the Rapture. It may be our conclusion on the Rapture for now.
  • Let me also remind you of Chapter 15, entitled “Christ’s Appearance in the Rapture,” on pages 339-358, of our flagship book God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, which is full of wonderful truths about the Rapture of the Church.
  • The Gold & Glory book is THE MANUAL of God’s prophetic end-time plan.
  • I trust through Holy Spirit’s ministry that you will be blessed and encouraged by the Lord in this 4-part series on the pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church.



Allow your mind to be completely filled with these wonderful truths and ask Holy Spirit to plant these revelations of the Rapture deep inside your spirit.

Then, we will rise up with JOY and begin to look forward to the manifestation of the blessed hope of the Church, the catching away of the body of Christ to heaven with our Lord Jesus!


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