The Glory of the Latter House!

Jul 19, 2022

The Glory of the Latter House!


The great importance and absolute urgency of the July broadcasts are very strong in my spirit.

Here is the opportunity for anyone to catch up with God’s prophetic program and timetable of the present time.

Since 2017, we’ve reached the 70th year of the final generation before Jesus’ return. We have been in overtime ever since!

GOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 1:Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution

  • Over the last two years, working on this since 2017, we have published an arsenal of 4 critical end-time books for the Church for this last hour.
  • Since publishing our flagship book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution in May 2020, we have tried to keep up with the Lord with the flow of revelation—and as fast as the books were published, we started doing intensive, critically important training on our Sunday broadcasts.
  • We were faced with doing the impossible, which is to raise up a TRUE remnant of the Lord in the span of two years. And praise God, many of you have been transformed by the Spirit of God through these critical materials that we have provided through Holy Spirit!
  • As we approached the month of April of this year, the Lord again talked to me about how short the time is until the coming outpouring of His FIRE! “Let’s do a countdown to the start of the outpouring,” He said.
  • This “countdown” is “on” and comes in the form of special messages that the Lord would give every week for the Sunday broadcasts.
  • Then, time got shortened again!

Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution


  • In the last week of June, the Lord told me to do something special for the month of July. “Cover every major aspect of the ministry in the July broadcasts,” the Lord said.
  • So, we immediately promoted what the Lord directed, and advertised these special July broadcasts on all our media outlets.
  • The Lord said to me that this would provide an opportunity for those who have fallen behind to get up-to-date with the ministry and the urgent time.
  • Thus far, we have covered 3 of the 4 aspects of the ministry, namely…
      1. Antichrist Christianity on July 3
      2. True Christianity on July 10
      3. The Gold & Glory Revolution on July 17
      4. Holy Spirit Relationship will follow on July 24
  • …and we will conclude with a study summary of all 4 aspects of the ministry on July 31.
  • Thus, July is about us pausing and revisiting every single thing that is important about the 4 aspects of the ministry of GHM, trusting and hoping those who say they are hungry for the Lord and love this ministry would catch up.
  • Of these 4 messages, this last Sunday’s broadcast on the Revolution is the one that tests the hearts of people.
  • I can still understand if people are struggling with Antichrist Christianity and True Christianity, (July 3 & 10, respectively), but…
      • the Revolution (July 17), or end time revival and harvest message, is the core message of everything we are and believe as Pentecostal Charismatic Christians.
      • Whoever is not interested in watching this particular message has no hunger for God at all, because this message is who we are as Holy Spirit Christians.
      • Here is the problem we’ve dealt with now for so many years. People who once were part of revival and Holy Spirit have lost their hunger. Indeed, they are not even interested to watch the end-time harvest message.
  • How did Jesus explain this? He said, “When the salt has lost its savor, how can it be seasoned again?”
  • This is the terrifying frustration that we live with every day—that even through the course of this year, people keep falling away. This is the great falling away the Apostle Paul was talking about in the last days.
  • The last decade has been the season of the great falling away of the Church! We experience it EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES!
  • This is why we are pleading with people and proclaiming it every Sunday about asking Holy Spirit to raise you up to become the PREPARED REMNANT of God!
  • Again…to get prepared for the first outpouring of FIRE! We are begging and pleading with Christians who say they are hungry for God, to become God’s remnant so they can escape this judgement FIRE. Oh my God!


The Lord has shared with me some wonderful secrets about Holy Spirit for this coming Sunday’s broadcast on the 24th.

Please don’t miss it…it’s going to be awesome!


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