Jesus, God’s Glory of the Ages!

May 24, 2022


Jesus, God’s Glory of the Ages!

Time is THE power that regulates life on the earth. We are ALL subject to the progression of time.

Time enables us to live life every day, and as time progresses, we also “progress” and unfortunately, grow old.

It was pre-determined in the great wisdom of Almighty God to designate Jesus as THE person of God who would redeem the earth from ALL sin.

Be sure to watch last Sunday’s weekly broadcast entitled, “God’s Dispensations of Glory! 5-22-2022,” for fresh insights on the Dispensations of Time and the transitional Messianic Government of Christ (Dispensation 6).

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  • It was decided that Jesus would do this with great honor and integrity. This fact called for Him to become one of us…
      • a human
      • a man
      • a natural person
      • …while at the same time, He remained God in His Spirit-man
  • In Philippians 2:5-8, we can follow the path of Jesus’ transition from heaven into the earth, born as a man.
  • This was a humbling experience for Him—from the throne to the manger in Bethlehem.
  • He had to lay aside all of His heavenly GLORY and POWER to become a mere man. This meant that Jesus also had to step into time and operate within the confines of time.
  • At the moment of His birth, Jesus fulfilled ALL of the law and Judaism. This brought the END of Dispensation 5 (Judaism).
  • Please refer to our book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, pages 51-75, Chapter 3 entitled, “God’s Dispensational Plan of the Ages.”
  • The Prophet Isaiah tells us that at the birth of Jesus, the government of God “would be upon His shoulders.” During His lifetime on Earth, Jesus confirmed that many times. I am the One, He said.
  • When the disciples of John came asking in doubt if He was really the one, He showed them miracles and then sent them back to John.
  • Jesus said the “Spirit of the Lord is upon me” to bring the ministry of life, healing, blessings and salvation to the earth.
  • In the book of John, we see that on numerous occasions, Jesus would reaffirm to the people that He was the Son of God, asking them repeatedly to believe in Him.
  • Jesus fulfilled the government of God in the sixth Dispensation of time, which spanned from His birth until His death. All Judaism was gone, and at His death all sin was gone!
  • His work of redemption was so effective that the old covenant of Abraham was fulfilled, became obsolete and actually died.
  • On resurrection morning, a full salvation was given to the world, thus:
      • we would inherit this through salvation
      • through many covenant blessings and giftings
      • even so, a life lived on the earth in fellowship with God’s Holy Spirit

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  • On May 22, A.D. 32, Jesus ASCENDED into the heavens and was welcomed back in the throne room by the Father in a festive ceremony and celebration that has NO equal in time!
      • Jesus was exalted above all things, all creation—and all people of the earth of all time!
      • Even Paul describes the heavenly Jesus as being the brightness of His Father’s GLORY and the precise EXPRESS IMAGE of the Father’s Person, who was invited by His Father to sit down with the Majesty on High.
      • Father God proclaimed to Jesus at that moment: You are My Son. Today I have begotten You.
      • And again, He said, I will be to Him a Father and He shall be to me a Son. No angel or any other creature would ever receive such GLORY!
  • Now after 2,000 years of Jesus gloriously seated at the right hand of the Father, He is preparing at this very time for THE greatest journey and THE greatest endeavor of His life.
  • This is THE time and this is THE event of the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church!
  • Indeed, the TIME is CLOSE and the Lord will descend from the heavens with a shout, the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God:
      • This will be a loud noise and a great heralding of this new celebration! Jesus and all the Christians in heaven will descend to the earth.
      • Through the resurrection of the dead, they will receive their eternal bodies. We who are alive and remain here, will receive our incorruptible body in a moment’s time.
      • A great celebration will follow with Jesus standing above the earth—a celebration that will take place outside of the confines of natural time.
      • As we receive our ETERNAL bodies, we will also DEPART the earth and NATURAL TIME, at that time.
  • The greatest thing about the coming of the Lord for the Church (so much more we could say), but the greatest thing for me is that this awesome miraculous experience is a personal gift that God OFFERS to the CHURCH of the HOUR!
  • Sadly so, most of the Church is not even interested or doesn’t even care to know about the soon coming Rapture.
  • Please refer to our book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, pages 339-358, Chapter 15 entitled, “Christ’s Appearance in the Rapture.”

…But here’s the good news!

The Lord is raising up for Himself a remnant, a special army in His Church, that will run to bring in the harvest for the Lord.

We as His remnant are excited and preparing ourselves every day for the coming of the Lord for us.

Thank God for this unspeakable gift, the pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church!



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