Apr 26, 2022



The TRUTH about sin, forgiveness, and salvation is something that we all discover in this life. The profound message of salvation through Jesus our Lord is generally accepted by ALL who find faith in Christ.

The death, burial and resurrection of Christ lies 2,000 years behind us today. We understand now that satan’s number ONE strategy against all people is DECEPTION, especially those who believe in Christ. 

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  • Deception would be the perfect weapon to confound us. The TRUE power of DECEPTION is not known by anybody. That would be half the victory over such deception.
  • As we said several times, DECEPTION is satan’s number one strategy against all people. Through DECEPTION…
      • satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers NOT TO SEE that Jesus is the Christ.
      • the Church has been blinded by satan for 2,000 years not to see the TRUTH of the Christian life and HOW to live it.
  • Over the last two Sunday broadcasts (click each link to replay the broadcasts entitled, “Which Version of Antichrist Christianity is your Christian Religion? 4-24-2022,” and “Christianity: The Long Trail of Deception 4-17-2022“), we’ve walked down the PATH of 2,000 years of Christianity and have taken a closer look at the different types which satan had created through time for the Church.
  • We have learned the truth about the three major deceptive versions of FALSE Christianity:
    1. Christianity mixed with Judaism.
    2. Substitutional form of Christianity, manifested by the antichrist spirit.
    3. Politically mixed version—rooted in the Roman empire of old—a system of Christianity that has nothing to do with Jesus, called Roman Catholicism. 

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  • The stark reality of the falsehood of Christianity around the world is the shocking truth that true Christianity has not been known and experienced since the days of the Apostle Paul.
  • To our natural man, this deception seems almost impossible. Personally, for us at GHM, it has caused great frustration and anger over time. We ended up even questioning the Lord. Why have You allowed this total deception of the Church for so long?
  • I have spent my life in ministry opposing false Christianity, previously what I called “religious” Christianity, by preaching Holy Spirit Christianity. This I’ve done since the beginning of my ministry!
  • What opened my eyes was the personal visit of Holy Spirit to me in 1979. As you may recall through our Deception Unmasked series of October 2020 (click the link to replay “Deception Unmasked 4-part Series”), the Lord completed the contrast between FALSE and TRUE Christianity.
  • This unmasking enabled us to see the very depth of FALSE Christianity, as the Lord revealed to us the whole history of antichrist Christianity.
  • We immediately obeyed the Lord by following up the broadcast series with a new book entitled, TRUE Christianity.
  • Here, Holy Spirit took us a step further into an even fuller exposure of antichrist Christianity!
  • Now, as we’re doing the COUNTDOWN to the new Revival and in our last two Sunday broadcasts, the Lord walked us through the long trail of 2,000 years of deception in Christianity (April 17 weekly broadcast), and this past Sunday (April 24 weekly broadcast), finally completed the journey for us up to the present time.
  • Now we can all clearly see this long trail of all the different deceptive types of Christianity!
  • Here at GHM, the prayer of our heart is that…
    1. Holy Spirit would show you and expose all deception as we bring it to you in ministry.
    2. You would clearly see all this deception.
    3. You would realize why the Lord is finally at this time exposing it all, which is that the soon coming Outpouring of FIRE will destroy it all, and then bring about the end-time revival and global harvest.
  • In realizing all of this, we pray that you would
      • Rejoice over God exposing all of the devil’s lies and strongholds!
      • Experience the same hatred and disdain for all the bondage that satan has held you in all your life!
      • Stand up and take ALL the DECEPTION of YOUR version of Christian religion, reject it and cast it off forever!
  • Many of you have already done so. We know that walking you through this whole trail of deception has reinforced what you have done by casting off your version of antichrist religion.
  • Our arsenal of 4 books, available at our online Bookstore in various formats, will provide you with the vital tools needed to prepare and get ready in this final countdown to the new Revival!



Lord, we pray, give the Church the hunger for the TRUTH and to be SET FREE from antichrist Christianity, and

destroy ALL the DECEPTIVE work the devil has done against the Church for 2,000 years! 


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