Christ in us—the Hope of Glory!

Aug 16, 2022

Christ in us—the Hope of Glory!

Our entire effort at GHM is two-fold:

1) to prophetically prepare the Church for the soon coming end time revival, the Revolution of Gold & Glory; however, the most powerful area of ministry we bring is…

2) to revive and restore lost apostolic truths of the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Last Sunday’s broadcast message, Holy Spirit in You or Christ in You, is another apostolic truth that must be restored to the Church.

The antichrist system of the Church, which all churches practice and preach, has devastated the Church for so long now. We at GHM have come a long way since 2020, as being God’s vehicle to restore truth to the Church.

In fact, we will be taking our message of truth to
See details below about this must attend experience.

Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory RevolutionGOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 1:

  • The truth about Christ in us is another very precious apostolic truth which antichrist Christianity has twisted into a lie and uses it to try and prove that Jesus in person lives in our hearts!
  • I recall the years of the Joy revival when I would teach a full week in the morning sessions (and sometimes more) on Holy Spirit’s “residence” in our heart, also affirming to the Church that Jesus Himself is in heaven, as the scriptures state.
  • After a whole week of teaching on Holy Spirit IN us, the question of Christ in us would still confuse the Church.
  • Then after I would leave the church following the revival, the devil would use the “Christ in us” scriptures to try and destroy the reality of Holy Spirit living in our spirit.
  • This is how satan works. He takes a wonderful truth and twists it into a lie to hurt the Church with it.
  • Even before last month’s July Sunday broadcast schedule was given to me by the Lord, He had told me to deal with this issue of “Christ in us” in August.
  • The power of the devil’s deception is truly great! Twenty-two (22) scriptures in the New Testament prove to us that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. Our broadcast entitled, How Long Will the Church Cuddle Her Demons? 1-16-2022, covers each of these 22 scriptures.
  • Besides being God, Jesus is a man—a glorified man—who lives in His own personal glorified body!
  • And yet, the Church around the globe believes the lie that somehow Jesus, who is ONE person, lives in ALL of us and somehow is able to get His body into ALL of us!
  • It is so ridiculous you cannot believe any normal thinking person would ever believe this garbage. Yet it has worked for the devil!

Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory RevolutionGOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 2:

  • What we as Christians receive from Jesus when we are born again is His salvation, His righteousness, His redemption and His eternal life.
  • In John 7, Jesus told His disciples that those who believe in Him (as Savior) would receive His Holy Spirit, in person. In John 14-17, Jesus repeatedly explained to the disciples:
      • He would return to the Father and that…
      • He would send the Person of God, the Holy Spirit, to come and live in them after His departure. This is SO clear!
  • In the gospel of John alone, Jesus told the people more than 50 times to believe in Him…not receive Him, but believe in Him. The scripture, John 3:16, says the same…that God sent His son so that anyone who believes in Him shall have eternal life.
  • This is the reason why the Lord brought me back to this teaching, to make it clear and simple that what we have received of Jesus is His salvation and eternal life, and not Him in Person, who is with the Father.
  • It is such a simple and profound truth, but believing the lie of satan has been so devastating and the Church still believes the lie of satan that Jesus in Person lives in all of us.
  • Where does that leave Holy Spirit? The answer, nowhere—rejected, neglected and ignored! That leaves the Church with nothing but the dead religion of antichrist Christianity!
  • By God’s grace, we have faithfully received and communicated to the Church EVERY revelatory truth that God has given GHM through inspired teaching, prophesying and publishing of our arsenal of 4 books.
  • Therefore, we will continue to preach the TRUTH so that the Church can have the chance to meet Holy Spirit and begin to walk with God through the only person of God who is available to us here on earth—that is the person of God who lives in our spirit…HOLY SPIRIT!

    In Jesus we believe…but…we receive Holy Spirit!


GHM heading to…Phoenix, AZ! 
A MUST Experience 
September 22-24, 2022 – 7:00 pm

Apostles Gabriel & Shellie

We will minister a
FRESH outpouring of God,
and also pray for
the FIRE of God to be released!

God’s Living Room
14819 N Cave Creek Rd#19
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Host: Pastor Tom Schermitzler 



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