May 10, 2022



Before time began, God issued a CALL from His throne to the nation of America concerning the last days (click this link to replay last Sunday’s weekly broadcast entitled, “God Chose America 5-8-2022”).

Two hundred years after America was in a death struggle for freedom against the British, Holy Spirit began to talk to me about His CALL for America in the last days of the Church dispensation!

This proclamation, which was issued first by Father God before time, contained a distinctive plan of global revival for the last days.

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  • When the Lord first began to explain this plan to me, it was completely overwhelming. The Lord kept talking to me about this for weeks on end, every single day…America, America, America!
  • Jokingly, I began to call Him the God of America. It truly went on and on and on for days, seemingly without end. The Lord needed me to understand about His comprehensive and detailed end-time plan of global revival for the United States.
  • I vividly recall those days of the Lord speaking to me about the vastness of this great end-time plan for the United States.
  • At first it was difficult for me to understand how the Lord operates. I kept asking Him, why America? And He kept saying, “because I wanted to.”
  • I was looking for some kind of substantial spiritual reason for it all. But the Lord simplified His reason to me in no uncertain words, “I am God. What I want, I decide on…and I have it.”
  • This end-time plan of the Lord for America meant that the United States would serve as the global headquarters and distribution center of what we call God’s end-time revival and harvest of souls for Jesus’ return!
  • In our book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, we have taken great care to clearly explain and spell out in detail the enormity of the global end-time harvest of souls.
  • Since God’s Spirit will be poured out on every human being, this end-time revival will be an all-inclusive venture of all the people of the earth.
  • We try to relate to the enormity of this situation in God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, but how can it be possible for us to relate to a global movement of a global all-inclusive economy of all humanity at one time?
  • Literally the world economy of the end-time harvest will include ALL 8 billion people on the earth. The reality of this global colossal event is right before us today, since we are living in the 74th year of the final generation of 80 years!
  • All this while the Church is oblivious to what’s about to happen, and the world as a whole has NO clue of the entire global transformation that’s about to hit the planet.  

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  • The Lord was adamant to me that He had CALLED America to both accommodate and distribute His global economy of revival to ALL the nations of the world. WOW!
  • Sometimes the Lord will give us a sign, and in this instance, the Lord did give us a sign. He told me so specifically. Here is the sign as the Lord pointed it out to me:
    • When the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord began to reoccur in 1900, after being absent for almost 2000 years, the beginning of the outpouring of the latter rain started here in America and not like it was with the first outpouring, which took place in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.
    • This was a powerful sign from the Lord. As we continue to walk through Church history of the 20th century, we find a fresh outpouring of the Spirit every 20 years: 1927, 1947, 1967, and 1987.
    • Every one of those four 20-year outpourings all began here in the United States of America. Subsequently, they all traveled from the U.S., and spread to different parts of the world.
    • Every one of them was a sign unto themselves confirming God’s choice of America as the spiritual leader of the world in these last days.
  • Today in many ways, America is in a bad place, especially economically of late. Don’t be deceived by this. It will be short lived.
  • We are convinced and are proclaiming that the beginning of the outpouring of God’s Fire to start the end-time revival is imminent before the end of this year of 2022!


Let God prepare you in your heart, because this end-time revival is

God’s CLIMAX of ALL the AGES, and it’s about to start right before our eyes!

It is our life, our future, and our destiny.

All of this will BEGIN RIGHT HERE in the United States of America!



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