May 3, 2022


As I explained in the opening pages of our book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, according to the words of Jesus, the final generation of the Church Era started in 1948 when Israel was reborn as a nation.

For the Church, it began the year before in 1947 with the explosion of the great Healing revival.

In 2017, shortly after the last generation of the Church reached the full age of 70 years, the Lord supernaturally spoke to me that all the end-time revelation has now been released!

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  • On July 14, 2017, the Lord commissioned me to write God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, a comprehensive work which would contain much of the end-time revelation knowledge.
  • Since then, over the past nearly 5 years, the Lord has shown me more REVELATION and TRUTH than in the previous 35 years of ministry. The floodgates were opened!
  • The world had changed, and the revelation of the Lord was flowing like a river. A series of revolutionary teachings began to flow to the Church during this period. We received revelations regarding…
      • the dispensations of time
      • the truth about Jesus as His birth ended Judaism
      • 10 great revelations transpiring at the time of His birth
      • the timeline of His birth, life, death and resurrection…and so much more about the risen Christ
  • The Lord gave me the great revelation of the supreme dominion of the last day Church, and exposed satan’s 5 major strategies against the Church. The Lord further explained to me the power of the GOLD and GLORY for the last days of the Church—a revelation which He first gave to me in a vision on Tuesday, August 17, 1993.
  • I was shown by the Lord a depth in personal fellowship with Holy Spirit, and the Lord revealed how great revelations, including Holy Ghost Hamburger Ideas (HGHI), are destined to come to the Church in these last days.
  • The Lord also revealed to us end-time strategies of the devil against the world, such as the global strategy of bringing Islam to America in an attempt to overtake the whole world.
  • In chapter 12, I began to see great things about wealth and dispensations in these last days. In Chapter 13, we recorded a comprehensive message of all 7 biblical financial systems of time.
    • We proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that only the two financial systems given to the Church in the New Testament are valid and operational today.
    • We clearly established that all financial systems of the Old Testament, including the tithe, had become obsolete at the time of the birth of Jesus.
  • In chapter 15, we destroyed another major demonic stronghold in the Church concerning the end times. Here, we were able to effectively point out that Jesus’ end-time teachings of the tribulation were given ONLY to Israel and NOT to the Church!
  • The deceptive lie of the Church having to go through the tribulation was completely obliterated once and for all with the truth of the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.
  • In fact, we explained scripturally in God’s Gold & Glory Revolution about both the Church rapture and the mid tribulation church rapture. In the last chapter, we pointed out God’s path of restoration for the Church from 1900 until the present time. 

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  • The Lord also shined the light on the deceptive plans of satan since 1900. All in all, this book fully explained God’s end-time plan for God’s world harvest of souls!
  • Even more important, it taught us the restoration of New Testament apostolic truth which has been gone from the Church since A.D. 90. The future will prove that the release of this book in May 2020 was a remarkable revelation of TRUTH for the Church!
  • However, fresh revelation kept flowing through us from the Lord. In October of 2020, the Lord completely exposed and “unmasked” to us the entire system and its workings of false Christianity as governed by the antichrist spirit (click the link to replay “Deception Unmasked 4-part Series” to learn more).
  • Level after level of exposure of this system kept coming from the Lord. At the same time, the depth and the reality of TRUE Christianity was revealed to us as we have never seen before.
  • So, the Lord told us to put this revelation in a book, TRUE Christianity.
  • This book revealed how both true Christianity and antichrist Christianity has been one of the most shocking revelations given to the Church by the Lord!
  • However, 2021 would see the publishing of two more books:
  • On April 3, we ended a new season of a countdown to the new revival, and still fresh revelation keeps flowing to us from the Lord (click this link to replay the April 3 weekly Sunday broadcast entitled, “Church, Time has Expired 4-3-2022”).
  • Besides knowing the 3 principles of antichrist Christianity, since April 3 the Lord has shown us the 3 ingredients of antichrist Christianity, and the 3 major global systems of operation whereby antichrist Christianity rules the world.
  • At this time, GHM is mainly directed to the true remnant of the Church. These are the ones who are grabbing all these fresh new revelations and spending the time with Holy Spirit so that these things can be made real to them.

Yes, God is raising up His remnant at this time

that will go from strength to strength and glory to glory, being fully prepared for the soon coming global Outpouring of the revival of FIRE and GLORY and the harvest of the nations. 

The rapid acceleration continues! 


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