Weekly Insights

The Season of Fire & Judgment!

The Season of Fire & Judgment!  Tuesday, January 3, 1995, was the amazing day when the Lord visited me supernaturally to show me the FIRE and GLORY revival of the last days! This experience was very similar to the way in which the Lord visited me on Sunday,...

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God’s Special Gift to His Remnant!

Special Gift to His Remnant!  On Sunday's broadcast, we spoke about the greatest revelation that we, the Church of the Lord, can receive on Earth. Click to watch the broadcast, The Secret of the Great Mystery of Christ! 9-18-2022. This GIFT is the great mystery, the...

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The Anointed Heart!

The Anointed Heart!    The word "heart" is one of those multi-purpose words in society. Even in the Church and in scripture, we find different applications of the word, heart. In the New Testament epistles, the word heart can sometimes refer to the human spirit....

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The Last Apostles!

The Last Apostles!    The first apostle to come to Earth was the Lord Jesus Himself. Father God sent Him to us to show Himself as Lord and Messiah to Israel. Thereafter, Jesus purchased an eternal salvation for all mankind. After His resurrection, He showed...

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