The Anointed Heart!

Sep 13, 2022

The Anointed Heart


The word “heart” is one of those multi-purpose words in society. Even in the Church and in scripture, we find different applications of the word, heart.

In the New Testament epistles, the word heart can sometimes refer to the human spirit. At other times, it refers to the self-person which is the natural person that we identify as ourselves, personally.

This is the person of natural character and personal identity as passed on to us through our parents. In modern vernacular, this is the DNA person of the soul man.

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Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory RevolutionGOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 1:

  • The personal soul of every human person contains within itself a MIND to think with, a WILL to decide with, an INTELLECT to function with, and EMOTIONS to feel with.
  • The heart of the soul man often refers to the emotional part of our person which again is the part that has feelings and emotions we use to express ourselves.
  • Our emotions also serve to evaluate our own personal self-worth. Due to the hurts in our emotions this is usually a negative experience, in so much as it becomes an obstacle to God’s people receiving from the Lord. How often do we hear people say…I don’t feel worthy…or I don’t feel worthy of God healing me or answering my prayer. 
  • In reference to last Sunday’s broadcast, the emotional part of us, or the heart of the soul, is very vulnerable, very impressionable and can be easily hurt.
  • Click to watch the broadcast, Breaking the Curse of Rejection! 9-11-2022.
  • In our broadcast, we talked about the painful reality of life in which the enemy causes hurt and pain to the heart of EVERY person, doing so while we are still young children.
      • The tragic reality of the hurting heart of the personal soul is that we must carry the pain and affliction of those hurts ALL our life.
      • It causes us to be handicapped…to be emotionally crippled as we walk through this journey of life; but thank God there is hope and healing for EVERY troubled soul.
  • From the Old to the New Testament, the personal soul of man has not changed. In the book of Psalms, David opens to us the heart of his soul. Indeed, He bears to us all the pain in his heart, telling us about all his fears, his hurts, and his afflictions.
  • In the Psalms, David expresses the hurt in his heart and calls on the Lord to heal his wounded soul and deliver him from all the attacks and enemies of his soul.
  • Thank God the anointing that we have available through Jesus is SO much greater than what David was experiencing in his day!

Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory RevolutionGOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 2:

    • God has promised to anoint our hearts and to bring His presence into the core of our souls—to bring healing and complete wholeness to the heart of every personal soul.
    • Yes, the Lord will anoint us with fresh oil! He will pour the anointing oil, like water, INTO our soul.
        • The water of the Spirit will wash out every hurt and pain that enslaves our tender souls.
        • Holy Spirit is the Healer of every hurting heart, not only in the kingdom of God, but also for every person around the world.
    • In Sunday’s broadcast, we prayed and asked the Lord to heal and restore the hurt of every human heart in the body of Christ. Together we reached out across the broadcast for the Lord and His anointing to TOUCH our HEARTS and make us WHOLE!
    • Every morning we should rise and say…
        • Lord, I drink your Presence, I drink the fresh water of your anointing and let it flood my soul and overflow my heart every day. Thank you, Lord, that you will complete the work you’ve begun in us, including the hurts of EVERY heart.
        • Then in walking with you every day, my heart becomes an anointed heart, a heart that is healed—where all the pain and rejection of the past has been REMOVED and WASHED away by God’s anointing.
        • Lord, we receive from you the anointed heart, so that our heart and our soul would be like yours, whole and strong and filled with your Presence and anointing. Then, in this wholesomeness of an anointed heart, we can walk with You, we can live our lives and we can live our destiny.
Yes, we will become ALL you have intended for us to become!
 It’s made possible by you in everything YOU do for us, including giving us YOUR heart, the ANOINTED HEART!




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