Walking in God’s Divine Truth!

Nov 28, 2023

Walking in God’s Divine Truth!

Last week’s study revealed to us the flow of God’s divine truth. Here is something that is so incredibly important to every child of God—walking in the divine truth of the Lord!

Last week’s message entitled, God’s Flow of Divine Truth, is also of such great importance because the Church is never taught CORRECTLY as to how we are able to receive divine truth from God. Ephesians 1:17-18 are the two critical verses to help us receive divine truth. I wish and pray that all those who have received this teaching last week would rejoice over it and begin to apply it to their lives.


  • Ephesians 1:18 tells us how to get Holy Spirit to convert head knowledge of God’s Word into wisdom and understanding. This is done by asking Holy Spirit specifically and personally to impart enlightenment of the Word to your mind. Referring back to last week again, you may recall that enlightenment of God’s Word in the mind is NOT revelation. Revelation is God’s Word in the spirit realm. It is not “sense” knowledge. It is “divine” knowledge. It is ONLY when God’s Word of revelation reaches your spirit man that you receive revelation of the Word. The revelations of God are SO powerful!
  • Think back to the time when you were born again. When you received the Lord’s salvation, you were filled with JOY, and you wanted to run around everywhere and tell people that you were saved! The revelation of your salvation in your spirit was SO powerful that it overpowered everything in your life, including your mind. That is REVELATION! When it reaches your spirit, it EXPLODES in a CLARITY that is powerful and overwhelming, doing so with much JOY. Yes, JOY is always the FIRST fruit of receiving revelation in your spirit! The way you received the revelation of salvation is the same way in which God wants to give you fresh revelations in your spirit on a regular basis. It only started with salvation. This is why having a good personal relationship with Holy Spirit in Person is SO important. Once you have this relationship and enjoy it, then you need to know the difference between knowledge in your head (enlightenment) and God’s knowledge in your spirit (revelation). From this point forward, you are getting ready to start walking in God’s divine truth!

  • Let’s look at the process again, as reflected in the diagram above. FIRST, you need to learn and receive enlightenment of the Word in your mind. Then, by possessing a personal relationship with Holy Spirit, you must ask Him daily to give you REVELATION of the WORD in your spirit. As we explained last week, the deception of the enemy comes into play when you interpret enlightenment of the Word in your mind as revelation. This is the story of SO many Christians. They have asked the Lord for understanding of His Word, and they have received FULL enlightenment of the Word in their mind. Then, they become deceived into believing that the enlightened Word in their mind is revelation! Why have we done this for so long? We have done this for the following two reasons:
      1. Enlightenment of the Word in our mind feels SO real, and we believe it SO strongly. However, believing in the mind is NOT faith in the spirit. Believing the Word of God in our mind is a natural form of believing. For example, I believe that I can get into my car and drive to town right now. Before I can do this, I have to naturally believe that I am capable of doing this. We are able to do everything in the natural world because we first decided in our mind that we are able to do it. We believed first, then acted it out. That is what it means to believe in our mind…but…here comes the deception again. Believing in the mind is “sense” faith, NOT the faith of God; yet believing in the mind feels SO real that we think it is faith in our spirit.
      2. This brings us to the second reason why we wrongfully believe that the mind is capable of exercising God’s faith. Not only do we believe this in our mind, but regrettably, most of the Bible teaching in the Church will tell us the same thing—which is that we are capable of exercising God’s faith in our mind. These are the two reasons that have caused SO much despair in the Church! Many Christians have deceptively endeavored to exercise God’s faith from their mind, and it did NOT work! They became discouraged with the lack of results in their “faith walk,” because it did NOT work. This failure has caused many Christians to be discouraged and walked away from the Christian life of faith.
  • How do we correct this problem, and how do we bypass all this deception? Here is how we walk in divine truth: when we are hungry for God’s Word, we will receive it with EXCITEMENT and JOY. This same JOY will prompt us to ask Holy Spirit to process the Bible information in our mind UNTIL it has become complete wisdom and understanding. Literally the light goes “on,” and we can see it clearly and understand (Ephesians 1:18 – enlightenment).


  • Now, let’s move on to receiving TRUE revelation. In Ephesians 1:17, the Apostle Paul says that the Lord will give you the “spirit of wisdom and revelation, in the knowledge of Him,” which is revelation knowledge in your spirit. What are we to do? We must begin to ASK Holy Spirit personally to take the SAME Word that He has enlightened us with in our mind, and then plant the same Word of God into our spirit. Bear in mind that the Word of God in our mind is a concept―in our spirit, it is a substance, something as real as any natural substance, like the furniture in our house. It is through daily fellowship with the Person of Holy Spirit that He will download and impart into our spirit the different revelations of God’s Word. That revelation will then GROW in our spirit and EXPLODE with the SAME JOY of the revelation of our salvation when we were born again! WOW!
  • In our book, TRUE Christian Living, especially chapter 4, we can learn “how to” walk and flow with Holy Spirit in divine truth and fellowship!
  • Once imparted into our spirit, the revelation will grow steadily until eventually it will produce the TRUE faith of God. Once the faith of God erupts in our spirit, we will know it—with much JOY! At this very moment, the FAITH of God has become ALIVE in our spirit. Now, we can speak out the Rhema Word of God by faith and we can act on the Word! It will come to pass. In this manner, everything we need from the Lord in life will come into manifestation through the faith of God produced in our spirit―out of the revelation that has become full grown, thus producing faith. In a nutshell, this is “how” we walk in divine truth, receiving the Word with joy, receiving enlightenment from Holy Spirit in our mind, and receiving revelation in our spirit—from Holy Spirit! Then, our faith will manifest the revelations of God in our spirit.
  • This revelation will produce the faith of God that will bring us to ACT on 2 Corinthians 4:13 (NKJV). Since we have the SAME spirit of faith as God, we are able to act according to that which was written of God, who said, “I believed and therefore I spoke (that’s God), and we also believe and therefore speak (the same Word of faith).” It will bless you to look up different translations of this verse. This is the place we want to reach by walking in divine truth! Once the revelation of God in our spirit has produced faith, we can operate in the TRUE faith of God, just like the Lord. GOD IS FULL OF REVELATION TRUTH…AND SO HE SPOKE! Now, we ALSO possess the faith of God and therefore speak revelation knowledge by faith.
  • Let’s close by using Mark 11:22 from last week. The verse tells us to have faith IN God, but the original Greek text says, to have the faith OF God. The faith OF God is ONLY received, as we have just explained how to receive the Word of God as revelation in our spirit. Now that today’s message is clear, we need believers to ACT on this and begin to WALK in the power of the divine truth of God.
  • I want to encourage you, if you are serious about “doing” the Word of God and not only “hearing” it, go back and forth between today’s lesson and the one from last week entitled, God’s Flow of Divine Truth. Ask Holy Spirit to WALK you through these two teachings and to ESCORT you every step of the way as you begin practicing the entire process of walking in God’s divine truth in your life. As such, you become a child of God who can truly walk and live in the FAITH of GOD, every day! THIS IS WALKING IN DIVINE TRUTH!! Be encouraged. Let’s do it! God bless.


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