Shining God’s Light on the TRUE Dispensations of Time!

Nov 7, 2023

Shining God’s Light on the TRUE Dispensations of Time!

The Christian teaching on the subject of the “Dispensations of Time” is one of the greatest things we must learn about the plans of God. In the beginning at the time of Adam, God laid out a plan of 7,000 years for man’s occupation on Earth. This universal plan of God for our time on Earth is referred to biblically as the Dispensations of God.

Every one of these nine (9) dispensations are spiritual governments of God executed on the earth. Despite the fact that the Christian community of the world exercises different doctrinal beliefs in Christianity, the truth of God’s Dispensations is accepted and also proclaimed by the entire Christian world―even today.


  • A short while ago, the Lord brought me back to take a fresh look on the reality of God’s Dispensations. In all, there  are nine Dispensations. Some of you who have read our flagship “end game” book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, may recall that chapter 3 is the study on the nine Dispensations of time. In 2017, I began to write this book by the instruction of the Lord. Basically, the book consists of 2 parts…
      1. The restoration of the “TRUE” New Testament apostolic ministry and for the Church to be encouraged by the Lord to return to all the principles of the New Testament.
      2. The entire prophetic end time plan of the Lord―from the present time to the coming of the Lord. 
  • As I began to study and take a deeper look into the Dispensations back in 2017, the Lord had a REAL surprise in store for me. The Lord told me that there was an error in regard to the Church’s teaching on the Dispensations―and that this error had to be corrected!
  • I had always believed that there are a total of eight (8) Dispensations―until―the Lord corrected me by revealing that there was a problem with the teachings on Dispensations. He revealed to me that there was one Dispensation missing! I was great surprised and shocked when Holy Spirit pointed out Jesus’ life on Earth was the MISSING and greatly important Dispensation of time. Once I saw it, I could not fathom how this GREAT reality had been missed throughout all of Church history! Every Dispensation of time has an authority or leader. Jesus was MORE than a leader of mankind―He came to earth as the SAVIOR of the human race!



Let’s consider the list of the TRUE Dispensations of Time:

#1 – Innocence: this is the time period from Adam’s creation to the fall of man into sin.

#2 – Conscience: after Adam and Eve committed sin, they became responsible individually to judge their own conduct according to their good conscience. In spite of God’s good intentions to allow man to judge himself, they did the opposite, thus Dispensation 2 was catastrophic. Provoked to anger, God flooded the Earth and only Noah and his family, who had walked in God’s righteousness, were saved.


#3 – Human Government: after the flood, God started everything afresh with Noah and His family, and Noah was God’s governor for this third Dispensation of time.




#4 – Promise: I believe you are all familiar with Abraham’s life, as the Lord had called him into a covenant relationship. This relationship would then open the door at the right time for the Lord to send Jesus into the earth as a man to redeem mankind.




#5 – The Law (Judaism): on her journey from Egypt to the Promise land, Israel began to rebel against Moses and became unwilling to return all the way to Jerusalem and rebuild the city. At this time, God gathered Israel at Mount Sinai. On top of the mountain, God laid down the system of the Law and Judaism, which Israel would have to live by until the manifestation of their Messiah on the earth. Surprisingly, in Galatians 3:19, Paul tells us that the Law was not part of God’s initial setup of the Dispensations of time. It was added as a form of discipline, and even punishment, to force Israel to return to Jerusalem and build God a temple for the Jews.


#6 – Messiah’s Government: I am unable to find any Christian teaching on the Dispensations which include Jesus in the lineup of Dispensations. Clearly Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses were given executive power in the time of their Dispensation on the earth. It goes beyond reason that in the Church world, we have never identified Jesus’ time on earth as the next Dispensational government of God. Oh Lord! Jesus, as Messiah on Earth, manifested His authority and brought the message of the kingdom of God to Israel. Jesus’ miraculous ministry on Earth was― up to this time―the greatest and most powerful Dispensation! The period when Christ was on Earth made Him the Supreme leader of ALL the earth with visible signs and great power and authority. JESUS WAS THE GOVERNOR OF EARTH during Dispensation 6, and manifested the plan of God’s salvation for us―even to His death on the cross and His glorious resurrection!


#7 – Grace/Church: After Jesus’ return to heaven, the new Dispensation of the Church was God pouring out His Spirit, granting full salvation to everyone who believes and accepts Jesus as the Christ. At this time, we have reached a pivotal moment of time in the plan for the earth. Dispensation 7 will soon come to an end when Jesus will return from heaven with great power and glory to receive His Church. What a glorious day this will be!



#8 – Tribulation: A seven-year tribulation period of judgement was announced by several of the Old Testament prophets. While He was on Earth, Jesus confirmed this forthcoming 7-year tribulation period and brought to reality the severity of the Dispensation of judgment. Although the judgment of the tribulation is primarily intended for Israel, everyone on earth will suffer and many people will be killed during this time.



#9 – Christ’s 1000-year Kingdom: The Dispensational governments will come to an end when we, the Church, return from heaven with Jesus for the battle of Armageddon―where the Lord will destroy the antichrist and his government completely! Following this great victory, the Lord Jesus will restore ALL of Israel to the land. Jesus himself will purify the temple and reign over all the earth in a government of total purity and perfection. At the end of the 1000-year Kingdom of Christ, the devil will be allowed to come out of the pit, gather his armies together, and make one last attempt to fight against Christ and try to take back the earth. This final rebellion of the devil will be short lived. It will abruptly come to an end when Father God will rain down His FIRE from heaven and put a stop to this final attack of the devil. Then, the conclusion of all God’s plans will come into manifestation. He will destroy this present Earth, as well as heaven. We will enter an eternity of perfection, living on the new earth with Christ, while Father God will govern the new heavens. Holy Spirit, who lives in all of God’s children, will continue to live inside our spirits and also manifest Himself visibly throughout eternity―in a constant demonstration of God’s omnipresence!

I pray that last Sunday’s message regarding the Dispensations was a blessing to you. On next Sunday’s broadcast, we will continue to look into the wonders of the nine Dispensations of God’s earthly governments.


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