Nov 9, 2021


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Here at Gabriel Heymans Ministries, we’re looking forward to next year as a time of great wonders! God doesn’t waste His breath or just do things without purpose. The mandate He gave GHM for 2021 boils down to only one thing: get everything in order and ready for God’s end time revolution to begin!

Before December ends, we will have completed every requirement of this mandate. It’s all so simple and clear. The mandate is the platform that God had us build in order to launch His last day revival next year—2022!

Today we, and the Church at large, desperately need only one more thing: we need more “Simeons” who begin to see the soon coming salvation for all nations and the soon return of Jesus for us, His beloved Church!

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  • At the time that Jesus was born, a very devout Jewish man by the name of Simeon was eagerly awaiting in great expectancy to see the salvation of God in human form. The Lord had promised him that he would not die until he had seen the salvation of God (Luke 2:25-32).
  • Today, the Church stands on the very brink of seeing the full salvation of God, as promised by Jesus Himself. Jesus told His disciples that He will return to the Father to prepare a place for them, including all those who would believe on Him—which is the Church.
  • Jesus further promised that one generation after Israel’s rebirth would not expire before He returns. This simple yet profound revelation of Jesus returning in our lifetime has escaped the Church. This great truth is the most simple and easiest to understand of all revelations. At times revelations are deep and obscure, but this one about the time of Jesus’ return is simple.
  • However, the more we hear revelations of simplicity, the easier it becomes for such revelations to escape us. This happens because over time we simply grow accustomed to its repetitive quotation.
  • The simplicity of the soon return of Jesus has been used against the Church. Christians don’t even blink when we talk about Jesus’ returning in one generation after Israel’s independence. This is the danger we face with any revelation of simplicity.
  • On the other hand, the deep revelations of Christ as taught by the Apostle Paul are simply without reach. Only God’s Spirit can supernaturally reveal those to us. As deep as the processes are of revealing great revelation, we still trust Holy Spirit to open them up to us in these last days.
  • But the danger for us is to overlook the simple yet profound revelations, such as the fact that we are living in the 73rd year of the final generation. It just seems to drift by unnoticed all the time. Also, as such is the revelation of the end time harvest.

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  • Everybody in the Christian world seems to talk about the end time harvest, even calling many churches, “Harvest Church,” or “Church of the Harvest,” yet the revelation escapes them.
    • The spiritual mathematics here are simple: 2 + 2 = 4, and 73 + end time harvest is a mathematical equation that comes together right now.
    • I’ve been preaching this for many years. In fact, our entire ministry effort is based on alerting the Church of the fulfillment of this great prophetic wonder, destined at this time in the next few years to come.
  • Like Simeon, the Church of this generation has been promised by God to see the full salvation of the Lord and the return of Jesus. But it’s more than a fact, it’s a revelation! It is a simple and profound revelation—but it’s still a revelation.
  • We do not simply see it because we understand it when we read it. Holy Spirit has to reveal it to us in our hearts so that we can really see it in our spirit and begin to expect it and live it and breathe it.
  • Simeon was not the only person whom God had promised to see His salvation in the reality of His physical person after His birth. If Simeon was the only person to receive that promise, that would have made God a respecter of persons, which He is not.
  • Obviously, God must have made this promise to many people at that time, but Simeon took it to heart and began to look for the manifestation of His Messiah.
  • Once we begin to earnestly look for what God has promised us, revelation will begin to come. Once you have the desire and hunger in your heart for what God has promised, revelation will begin to come—and only then.
  • This is where we are today, as we earnestly begin to look for the full salvation of God for the nations and the soon return of Jesus.
  • Here at GHM our hearts are filled with great joy and strong anticipation of seeing the full salvation for all the nations of the world in God’s end time harvest of souls. This is THE climax of ALL the ages. This is our prophetic focus. This is what we believe, and this is what the whole Church should be in preparation for right now.
  • The Spirit in the near future shall be poured out on every human being. The Church will be transformed to be the glorious Church. The harvest of billions of souls shall come in and the whole earth shall be filled with the glory of God!



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