Our Eternal Inheritance!

Nov 8, 2022

Our Eternal Inheritance!

Throughout the last 2,000 years, the system of antichrist Christianity has robbed the Church of so many blessings and revelations.

When it comes to eternity it is impossible for us to have revelation of our future eternal existence with the Lord; however, the Lord wishes for us to gain an understanding of the greatness of eternity.

Through the help of God’s Spirit, we will gain an understanding of what the powerful reality of eternity is all about. Sadly, the Church is so absorbed with the issues of natural life through our senses, thus totally ignoring the reality of eternity.

Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory RevolutionGOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 1:

  • The old religious concept of “just get people saved” is another curse of antichrist Christianity. We fail to raise up Christians into a life of spiritual maturity while living on the earth, while we fail to focus our eyes on the future.
  • Really, when it comes to the prophetic, the Church has been pathetic!
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  • As we witness through our ministry, you can hardly find any Christians who are looking at God’s end-time plan and the great last-day Revolution of GOLD and GLORY that is just around the corner, as we speak.
  • Here at GHM, we witness firsthand everyday how difficult it is to get the Church to look into the future. Besides focusing on the soon coming end-time Revolution, we also need to take a moment and consider eternity.
  • Once again, Christians will pour all their efforts of life and try to take care of their physical needs for the next 20 or 30 years—yet when it comes to eternity, they do nothing to prepare for it. Do we understand the ratio between this fleeting temporary life as compared to the ETERNITY OF ETERNITIES?
  • In comparison to eternity, this physical life lasts only for about a second. Really, this life is nothing more than a fleeting moment! All around us people prepare for all their needs in this life, but the Church seems oblivious to the immense importance of preparing for eternity.

Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory RevolutionGOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 2:

  • In the Church world, we have so “romanticized” what happens at the pearly gates when someone goes home, but the reality of what happens there is vastly different from our so-called spiritual “romantic” version.
  • There is great regret for God’s people to experience when they arrive at the pearly gates.
      1. Firstly, they are confronted by having lived a life on Earth that was void of Holy Spirit, His fellowship, and His guidance. This means very few Christians arrive at the pearly gates having fulfilled their God-given destiny on Earth. They never developed a Holy Spirit walk, neither did they fulfill their destiny on Earth. It is at the pearly gates where Christians find out how antichrist Christianity robbed them of living the TRUE Holy Spirit-filled Christian life. Looking back at their life on Earth, these Christians then realize they have failed in the purpose of their life.
      2. Secondly, at the pearly gates, Christians are faced with the reality of eternity. At this point, they find out about the great eternal riches and wealth prepared for them by the Lord before time, yet at the pearly gates they realize that they have forfeited MOST of the glorious life and inheritance which they would possess for ALL eternity had they only pursued these eternal blessings while they were still on the earth!
  • After the Rapture, all Christians will appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Then, there will be weeping and repenting of how the Church had both forfeited their earthly destiny as well as failed to prepare for eternity.
  • Tragically, the reality of eternity is seldom even mentioned or spoken about in the Church. The stupid old doctrine that says “all we need to do is get people saved” is partly to blame for all the regrets and disappointments that the Church would experience at the judgment seat of Christ.
  • This is so important to know—losing just ONE of your personal rewards in heaven would be a GREATER loss than ALL the wealth of Earth put together!
  • Since eternity is never spoken about in the Church, Christians have no idea that failing to prepare for eternity will result in them losing out every day on rewards that would be worth billions and billions of dollars in monetary value.
  • Besides the gold and the precious stones of heaven, coupled with all our rich inheritance on the new Earth, these rewards are unimaginably GREAT!
  • According to Psalm 82:8, the reaping of the Lord’s final harvest of Grace is an inheritance for us (the Church), as we shall be richly rewarded by the Lord in eternity for bringing this GREAT harvest to Him (refer to chapter 7 of The Global Outpouring of the Fire of God).
  • Everyday Christians are losing billions of their eternal rewards, and nobody says anything about it! Well, in the next few weeks, we are going to say some more about it.
  • Let us take a step back and begin to consider the glories of God and the glories of what He offers us in His eternal kingdom. If Christians understand how GLORIOUS our eternal inheritance can be, they will change EVERYTHING they DO every day.
  • But sadly so, our eternal inheritance is NOT something that is primarily on the mind of the Church. I encourage you now, and perhaps over the next few weeks, to take a fresh look or even a first look into all the realities of eternal life with God.
  • The GREATEST gift of eternity is the Lord and to be with Him, but there is an eternity awaiting us—a life of blissfulness and joy beyond any human comprehension!
  • This life will be over soon—but before it expires let us make sure we prepare for our REAL life, which is the future of all eternity with God. That should be our major focus, a focus that is EVEN greater than how we prepare for the soon coming Revolution of God.

God’s end-time Revolution is beyond greatness…
but ETERNITY with God is BEYOND all human comprehension!
Glory to God, ETERNITY awaits us!!


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