Last Call!

Sep 12, 2023

Last Call!

Last call! Have we as Christians ever not heard those words spoken? They are an expression. They mean something. They are definitive, self-explanatory, but they can  also be dangerous! LAST CALL!

How many seasoned Christians over many years have not come to know this expression, almost as an addition to your name, it has become that familiar, that personal. LAST CALL!



  • I vividly recall from many years ago, hearing that expression “last call” from the pulpit, a resounding echo throughout the large congregation―my father’s congregation. He never learned the things of the Spirit during his lifetime, but oh, did he know and believe in salvation of the new birth in Christ!  Oh yes, with TRUE passion―my, my…did he ever believe in salvation. My dad’s repeated calls for salvation at every service would fill church after church that he Pastored throughout his lifetime. Many years later, former Dutch Reformed church members and friends would recall their own experiences of getting born again through my dad’s ministry.
  • What does the Christian term, “last call,” mean to you? All of us who have been born again for many years can produce our own personal account of experiencing “last call.” Perhaps this expression was the final straw in getting some of you to be born again in church, or especially in a large evangelistic meeting, perhaps a large tent meeting. Think back for a moment…big tent, large crowd, late in the evening. Many have responded standing at the evangelist’s feet, and then ONE more time here come those words…LAST CALL! How I hope in my heart that in whatever language, in whichever country, perhaps all over
  •  the world, this still happens today―the “last call” invitation for salvation to go out again and one more person get saved.
  • We thank God every day for every one of you who are truly born again and live in the kingdom of God. We thank God for every successful last call invitation through the years of the history of the Gospel being preached throughout the world. Last call brings people to salvation, to the new life of fellowship with God and to the assurance that they will spend eternity with Him.
  • But the last call of salvation is not the last call of God. There is another last call of God, which is a call not to the lost, but a call to the Church of Jesus. It is a last call of God to the Church particularly and especially in the time that we live today. In this final hour of the Church on Earth right now, there is a sound ringing out loud and clear. It has been going on for a number of years! This LAST CALL to the Church started to be voiced abroad with the rebirth of Israel in 1948.


  • For a short season after that, the Church was excited about this NEW last call of God to the Church, as this call was voiced joyfully from our church pulpits. While experiencing the great healing revival of the 1950’s, the Church had also come alive in the power and presence of God―and the Church began to powerfully proclaim the last call for the return of Jesus. At least for several decades(1950’s into the 1960’s), the words “last call” would ring out to the Church, calling not the lost, but the body of Christ! This was a NEW last call, not to salvation but to preparation! Again, this call was not to the lost. This last call was given to the Church, to make sure the Church doesn’t get lost―not lost from eternity but from “last hour” destiny! The last generation before the Lord’s return began with the blossoming of the Fig Tree of Israel. With the birth of the last generation of the Church Age, the new last call of God to the Church was simultaneously birthed…a brand-new call to the Church!
  • By the 1970’s, the last call to the church began to be silenced. By the 1980’s it was virtually gone. With the explosion of the Joy Revival of the early 1990’s, the last call for the last generation of the Church was revived. Most of us leaders of this new Joy Revival universally and repeatedly began to resound the urgent heralding of: “Church, this is the last call.” Increasingly since the 1990’s, the call would grow more urgently in our ministry…almost like a paradox. Among the rest of the Church, especially Pentecostals, Charismatics and other Holy Spirit Churches and Christians, the call seemed to have been muted. No sound was uttered any more, no voice was heard, no pulpits were shaken or banged on. Pulpits were still banged on, yes, but not about the last call for the Church. Those sounds were no longer filling the house of God, calling the Church to her final-last-day-destiny!
  • Have YOU heard this call? Have you confirmed the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Fig Tree? Have you embraced the words of Jesus? From the time of the blossoming of the FIG TREE, Jesus said that He would return in the time of ONLY ONE generation! That’s ONE generation! Have you counted the years? Have you considered the truth? Have you truly and calmly and very soberly reflected upon and looked into the reality of a different last call from God, a last call to the Church, the truly born-again Church, the living spiritual body of Christ?
  • Indeed, this is THE call of the Lord to His very own special people on earth, a call for them to prepare their hearts and their lives and to seek Holy Spirit to supernaturally prepare themselves and get ready, not to leave the earth tomorrow, but to become a remnant who are set in place, truly ready, armed, alert and excited for God’s last day climax of the ages when He will shake the heavens and the earth, and pour out His Spirit on every human being!
  • Yes, through His FIRE and GLORY, God will cause nations to fall prostrate before Him. Millions and millions…and eventually billions…from across the world will be born again in mass numbers and mass gatherings. The earth will be restored, and God’s GLORY will fill the earth like you fill an empty glass of water, yes even to overflowing glory! Have you heard these words, have you received the call?
  • Dear Christian, has someone in the Church brought to you the new last day, last-hour-altar-call of God to His beloved Church? Jesus is calling His body to the altar! But it’s now or never. What started out as a slow and comfortable last call after 1948, has become the greatest urgency in the Church today!!! We are now only moments away from having to answer this last call and be part of God’s end time world revolution of GLORY.
  • Have you heard the call? Have you answered the call? Have you responded to the call? Have you prepared? Have you become God’s remnant? As far as we know, only a small number of the Church have heeded this call and are prepared and set apart. They are God’s remnant. Are you and have you become God’s last day Remnant? This last call goes out again every day,  EVEN TODAY,  STILL! But NOW, the time is short, and the days are becoming very few. Last call will soon be over. Last call will very soon become PAST call. Are you ready? ARE YOU PREPARED, NOW, TODAY?!


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