Dec 7, 2021

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Since the beginning days of my full-time ministry in 1983, I have made it my business to hear from the Lord for my personal life, as well as for the ministry. Jesus desires for the Church to always walk in the “fellowship of a relationship” with Holy Spirit. This is something that has been relatively easy for me through the years—and I take no personal credit for this, as I give ALL the glory to God.Gold burst favicon • Gabriel Heymans Ministries • Teachings for God's Gold & Glory Revolution

Everything began for me when I met Holy Spirit in 1979 in Australia! That remarkable encounter with the Lord was the beginning of living a life with Holy Spirit as He taught me through time how to walk with Him, and also how to regularly hear His voice.

Particularly in ministry, this is one of the easiest things for me to do, even on a daily basis, which is to hear from the Lord on exactly what to minister to the Church and how to present it. Therefore, I take no personal credit in anything, but I thank the Lord every day for His Spirit and how He has guided my life through the years in all things.

I want you to know that I do not ever just put together a message of my own. As I’ve just said, the Lord still inspires me every time before I minister, and supernaturally gives me every message to preach and teach in great detail.

In the light of this reality, and of Holy Spirit’s constant guidance—especially in ministry—we realize today how the Lord has supernaturally escalated everything regarding His end-time plan. Indeed, especially over the last two years, the Lord has rapidly accelerated us through this time in order to keep in step with Him, and move with Him all the time to be right beside Him in what He’s doing.

A few weeks ago, I announced a few message titles that I would preach, which we will get back to soon. However, concerning last Sunday’s message, the Lord re-emphasized the great importance for us to walk in step with Him and keep in step with Him, as He is now accelerating us faster and faster into every new day. Thus, the reason for last Sunday’s lesson.

The next day after Sunday’s broadcast, the Lord gave me a sudden download, which is the follow-up to last Sunday’s message. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord can just download in seconds a message that could take several hours for me to deliver when I preach it.

I am so excited for next Sunday’s message, as the Lord is personally ministering some precious things to us in regard to keeping in step with Him! This coming Sunday’s broadcast is going to be amazing.

I pray the Lord will prepare all our hearts to receive the fullness of what He’s saying to us prophetically, which carries such great importance at this time in our lives. God bless you as you prepare your heart to receive the message Holy Spirit has for you in next Sunday’s broadcast!


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