Jesus the Sovereign Ruler of Earth!

Nov 14, 2023

Jesus the Sovereign Ruler of Earth!

I trust all of you have had the opportunity to watch our November 12th Sunday broadcast. I believe the recognition of Dispensation 6 as Jesus’ time of dominion on the earth is CRUCIAL!

The enormity of revelation the Lord has brought to us during the last few years is somewhat overwhelming, but it is GLORIOUS. Think about it one more time…God laid out man’s time on the earth as a 7,000-year habitation. This 7,000-year period was divided into a total of nine (9) different time periods. Every one of these time periods would transpire under a Godly system of government according to God’s will.


These time periods are commonly called “Dispensations.” In all, these nine Dispensations cover man’s entire dwelling on Earth. Literally hundreds of different versions of the teachings on Dispensations are freely available worldwide. Bible schools and colleges usually provide their prospective ministers with a teaching on Dispensations. However, in the local churches―according to my experience of more than 40 years in the Church―I conclude that Dispensations are seldom or ever taught to the lay people. Subsequently, the reality and importance of Dispensations has been LOST to the Church―it is like someone hid it in a concealed place where nobody can find it!


I believe, for all of you who have watched last Sunday’s broadcast, you would agree with me concerning the great importance of the Dispensations. The Dispensations began with Adam and Eve living in perfection in the Garden of Eden. This was man’s beginning.

Click to watch our last full Sunday broadcast: The Irreversibility of Time! 11-12-2023.

Click to watch this short clip, entitled: Spotlight: God’s Historic Revelation to the Church―Jesus Governed Dispensation 6! 11-14-23.


Dispensation 9, the 1000-Year Rule of Christ, will bring man’s habitation of Earth to an end. The ONLY way that Jesus is recognized in the lineup of Dispensations is in the FINAL Dispensation when Jesus will rule over Israel on Earth after destroying all her enemies at Armageddon. The problem with everyone’s teaching on Dispensations is in not knowing that Jesus walked the earth in the FULL AUTHORITY of the Father, thus establishing His own Dispensation and rule of the earth in the time period from His birth through to His death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven. It is shocking to me that seemingly no one has ever isolated these 33 1/2 years of Jesus on Earth to recognize that Jesus’ first visit to the earth was one of God’s Dispensations of time! This Dispensation of Christ follows the Dispensation of the Law, whereafter Jesus returned to heaven―and the Church, through Holy Spirit, became the leadership of Dispensation 7.


What we tried to emphasize in Sunday’s broadcast message were the following two very important points.

Firstly, we are the only ministry that we know of that recognizes Jesus’ time on the earth as His own allocated Dispensation, following the Dispensation of the Law (Dispensation 5)! Now that we have reached this incredible milestone, recognizing Jesus as the Person and Government of Dispensation 6 is truly amazing!!!



Secondly, not only does this truth bring apostolic correction to the Church, but it also becomes the foundation that clears up and explains and corrects many doctrines in the Church. Jesus walked in the FULL sovereignty of God when He was on the earth. Even at birth, Jesus became the NEW temple―He became the NEW law, the NEW sacrifice, the NEW high priest―as such, replacing and cancelling out the entire Dispensation of the Law and Judaism. Furthermore, the Dispensations progress through time, which means that at the moment of Jesus’ birth, everything from Dispensation 1 to Dispensation 5 was fulfilled―except one thing: dying on the cross, which then fulfilled the promise to Abraham and satisfied the need for a blood sacrifice. When Jesus died, he fulfilled the promise of the old covenant. As such, Jesus, and the old covenant died at the same time.

Each Dispensation progresses at the speed of time, and we are now 2,000 years into Dispensation 7. We have reached the point in time for the LAST great call of salvation to the masses of the world. God will now pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh, bringing billions of people to salvation, whereafter the Lord WILL return! I trust so far that you’re understanding and following what we’ve taught on the Dispensations.


I refer you to last Sunday’s broadcast, as well as Chapter 3 of God’s Gold & Glory Revolution. We will revisit the teaching on Dispensations on our next Sunday broadcast. It is high time for the Church to find real truth and true revelation about the Lord and His kingdom. This is part of our preparation for the last day revival and meeting the Lord in the clouds of glory at His coming!



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Watch our latest clip entitled: Spotlight: God’s Historic Revelation to the Church―Jesus Governed Dispensation 6! 11-14-23.   

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