God’s Greatest Miracle of 7,000 Years!

Oct 31, 2023

God’s Greatest Miracle of 7,000 Years!

When we consider what God has done since creating Adam, it might seem impossible to identify one particular miracle as the greatest of all. Surely the greatest single miracle that God ever performed on this earth was to send Jesus to the earth to redeem us and give us eternal salvation.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; and there is simply NO other way of receiving salvation



  • We thank God that regardless of all the lies of antichrist Christianity being preached to the Church for 2,000 years, nevertheless the message of Jesus as the Lord of our salvation has never been questioned.
  • The Roman Emperor, Constantine, being a Christian himself, declared the Roman Catholic church as the ONLY religious establishment allowed in the Roman Empire. As Emperor, Constantine had sovereignty over ALL the nations under his command. Constantine acknowledged that God had given His sovereignty to the Pope, as the Pope was the leader and highest authority of the Church. Of course, this was blasphemy!
  • The sovereignty of God belongs to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit alone. Regardless of elevating Mary to virtually the same degree of sainthood as Jesus, this additional blasphemy of Christian truth has survived in the Catholic church until the present time. When we talk about salvation and redemption, we speak of the nations of the earth. The heart of God seeks to save every person whom He had created and given life on the earth. Salvation is definitely the MOST important and CRITICAL miracle of all miracles. As we take another look at Jesus’ earthly life―His suffering, death, and resurrection―truly this was THE single most powerful miracle which God had ever performed on the earth!
  • Jesus’ salvation was the planting and the reaping of eternal salvation. We read in I Corinthians 15, that the Apostle Paul continued to stress the importance, verse after verse, of the reality and the power of Christ’s resurrection. God’s heart of love is directed to EVERY human being that He creates. We live in the age and Dispensation of Grace (Dispensation 7), which is a MAJOR part of God’s PLAN of salvation. The Great Commission is this PLAN. It is SO profound and yet SO simple. Once Jesus was resurrected and salvation was an accomplished miracle for every human being, the PLAN of the Lord was simply to get EVERYONE saved and born again.
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  • There is a sadness that comes to us when we consider the souls of men. Inevitably throughout time and generations, the devil has tried everything in his power to prevent people from seeing Jesus as savior and receive His salvation. The devil has tried everything from wars, famine and destruction to disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis…and on the other hand he has used the strong arm of political power to crush the truth of Christianity. Communism says there is no God―Adolf Hitler said, I am God; and so throughout the 20th century, we see such a great intensification of the devil’s works against God’s plan of salvation. Many people, even family members we may recall, have passed on into eternity; and for some of them, we are not sure that they received salvation.
  • This brings us to what will absolutely prove to be the GREATEST miracle of 7,000 years. We are now living in the last days of God’s plan of salvation and the Lord has promised to literally pour out His Spirit on every human being on the planet! This end time plan of the Lord’s salvation will be a supernatural manifestation of God’s love and power.
  • In the time ahead, every human being will receive the Gospel; and it will become easier and easier to say “yes,” because of all the multitude of miracles that God will manifest all over the earth during this season of the final harvest. If we compare the spiritual harvest with that of the natural Feast of Pentecost, we gain an understanding of how magnificent the miracle of the last day harvest of souls would be. The Jewish feast of the harvest was a blessing to Israel, in so much that they would reap a full harvest every year.
  • The same truth of the full harvest of the Jewish Pentecost began to unfold on the day of Pentecost when the spiritual Pentecost began; and as impossible as it looks in the world right now, God’s last day outpouring on all people on all nations producing a spiritual harvest of billions of souls is a prophetic promise―it is actually MORE than a prophetic promise, it is a GUARANTEE that is impossible to even imagine how a miracle would be possible―not just spiritually, but financially and economically.
  • I ask the Lord almost every day to help me in my little mind so that I may comprehend just a little bit of the vastness of this great global miracle of this end time harvest. This last day harvest of Christian souls for the kingdom will prove to be the GREATEST MIRACLE of God performed in ALL of the 7,000 years of man’s existence on the earth! This era that we have known as the Church  Dispensation (#7) is about to close out with the GREATEST MIRACLE OF ALL TIME!
  • I pray that the Lord would give us renewed excitement and expectancy for this great miracle, because it is scheduled to take place RIGHT HERE and NOW IN OUR LIFETIME OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS!

 Thank you Lord this is going to be the GREATEST MIRACLE OF ALL TIME on the earth, and we are blessed to be the generation of the Church that will experience this global transformation in the earth from sin to righteousness and the salvation of billions of people before the return of Jesus!

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