Nov 16, 2021


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Through the years, the fire of God among Pentecostals has been one of the most popular subjects. The early Pentecostals of the 1900’s lived out of the fire of God. Global revivals of the 20th century, especially until the 1950’s, were filled with manifestations of God’s fire.

Moving into the 1960’s and 70’s, the fire of God had largely disappeared from manifestation in the Church. Regardless, periodic touches of the fire of God were seen in the Church’s into the 1980’s.

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  • The early outpourings in the 1900’s, and the rebirth of Israel in 1948, caused great expectancy in the Church in those days, coupled with a lot of preaching and prophesying regarding the fire of God.
  • Our soon coming book entitled, The Global Outpouring of the Fire of God, will bring the entire fire message into perspective. As we mentioned on our last Sunday’s broadcast, a three-fold outpouring of God’s fire will close out these final years of the Church.
  • The 3 fire outpourings are: 1) Judgement, 2) Cleansing, and 3) Revival. In writing the FIRE book, the Lord helped me tremendously to craft and clearly explain these 3 outpourings of God’s fire awaiting us now.
  • We also list these 3 outpourings of fire as part of God’s entire end-time plan—from now until the rapture. This plan consists of seven major prophetic last day events. These fire outpourings are 3 of the 7 events of God’s last day plan.
  • Every Christian who is truly hungry for the Lord—and for the outpouring of His Spirit—is going to rejoice in seeing the greatness of God’s end-time plan.
  • Obviously the 3 fire outpourings are the greatest anointings, manifestations and pure God-energy of this end time plan.


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  • Now it is preparation time! It’s very important for every one of you who hunger for the Lord to ask Him to help prepare your heart for the message of our soon coming FIRE book—and even more to prepare for the forthcoming FIRE manifestations of God.
  • Start preparing yourself now! At this present time, we should all be seeking Holy Spirit’s help in preparing for the soon release of our next book, TRUE Christian Living.
  • However, Holy Spirit is also able to prepare our hearts at this time for the FIRE. It might take some time for this to transpire in our thinking and have our minds prepared for both these books, but in our Spirit that’s a different story.
  • During your times of fellowship with the Lord, ask Him to create these important things in your heart, and also prepare your spirit man for everything that the Lord has in store for you in the near future. This also includes preparation for the fire of God.
  • Let me remind you of chapter 10 in God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, especially those first 6 pages (221-226), where I explained how the Spirit of the Lord will create the very substances of the things of God in our spirit—which is one of the most important things that God wants to do in our spirit.
  • Revisit those pages, refresh your memory of them, and ask Holy Spirit to create and impart into your heart everything needed in these last days, including true Christian living, and the fire of God.
  • Even if it’s too much for our mind at the moment, let’s at least put Holy Spirit to work inside our heart. It is so exciting to think about all the great things God has in store for us all, very soon!
  • Are you a believer of the prophetic plans and purposes of God? Are you excited about this end-time plan of God and all these wonderful things coming to us, the Church?
  • We are so excited and looking forward with great expectancy to all these marvelous exploits of God. Spend the time with Holy Spirit and get all these things imparted to your spirit. It is our future and our destiny!

Thank you, Lord, for making all these things real to us today!


TRUE Christian Living, our follow-up book to TRUE Christianity, is in the final stages of publication. It will be available for order VERY soon!

Stay tuned for details on our release date.

This book is TRULY the “how to” for living A REALITY WALK WITH HOLY SPIRIT!!


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