Weekly Insights

The Perfect Will of God!

  The Perfect Will of God!  Some of the most important things in life are also very simple. History proves to us this very fact of life. Talking about what is of great importance—at the top of this list is the simplistic TRUTH of salvation. Nothing in life can be...

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Transition from Glory to Glory!

Transition from Glory to Glory! In 2017 after almost 35 years of full-time ministry, the Lord instructed my wife, Apostle Shellie, and I to help prepare the Church for her FINAL hour of time in the earth. We had known for several years this assignment from the Lord...

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The Last Three Years of Spiritual Impact!

The Last Three Years of Spiritual Impact! The apostolic message Gabriel Heymans Ministries (GHM) has brought to the Church the last three years is actually quite phenomenal, as I see it—and as I have experienced it! The impact of this message in the spirit realm has...

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Jesus is the TRUE Superman!

  Jesus is the TRUE Superman!  Within the heart of every person is a deep desire to find a TRUE hero, or a man that is TRULY special and powerful. This desire is the cry of the human heart—to find that special someone who is perfect, powerful, and able to rule...

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Recent Weekly Insights

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