Weekly Insights

God’s Chosen Remnant!

God's Chosen Remnant! Everything in life comes down to a series of choices. God did not want to have human robots, because that would defeat the objective of giving us choices concerning ALL the issues of life. As such, since the fall of Adam, man was introduced to a...

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The Fire Warnings Are Over!

The Fire Warnings are Over! Serving in the ministry of the Lord Jesus is always an incredible privilege. The Apostle Paul says the Word of Christ, the New Testament, is meant for teaching, correction and even rebuke when needed. God's Word throughout time is filled...

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God Will Answer by Fire!

God Will Answer by Fire! During 40 years of ministry, I have encountered numerous supernatural experiences with the Lord. This is nothing to boast about since these events took place in the process of the Lord providing spiritual revelation needed for the Church. To...

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4 Warnings of God’s Impending Fire Judgment!

4 Warnings of God's Impending Fire Judgment! On Tuesday, January 3, 1995, the Lord visited me in a special way to show me the last day revival that will produce the great harvest for the Lord's return. This revival will consist of 2 separate outpourings of the Spirit....

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Recent Weekly Insights

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