Weekly Insights

Two Different Christian Foundations!

Two Different Christian Foundations! Most Christian denominations preach the true foundation of salvation. That means that Jesus is the only Savior of mankind. Unfortunately, some of them do not preach the new birth, which means that the human spirit must be recreated...

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Christ in us—the Hope of Glory!

Christ in us—the Hope of Glory! Our entire effort at GHM is two-fold: 1) to prophetically prepare the Church for the soon coming end time revival, the Revolution of Gold & Glory; however, the most powerful area of ministry we bring is… 2) to revive and restore...

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Making an Impact!

Making an Impact! We are so excited about every person whose lives have been changed by the revelation God brought to our ministry especially since 2017, when the final generation of the church turned 70 years old. Here at GHM, we are so encouraged as we witnessed the...

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Last Day Revelation!

Last Day Revelation! The concept of revelation, unfortunately, is as foreign to the Church as the revelation of TRUE Christianity. Generally speaking, revelation is the uncovering of hidden knowledge. There are two kinds of revelation: natural spiritual The exposure...

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Our arsenal of books contains the revelation and power that today’s remnant army of Holy Spirit believers need to be prepared and ready for launch into God’s final end-time revolution!