Weekly Insights

The 4 Facets of GHM!

The 4 Facets of GHM! Over the last four weeks, we were able to revisit the 4 major areas of our ministry here at GHM. We did this by the instruction of the Lord to us. We have been running so fast with all the revelation and truth which the Lord has given to us...

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The Glory of the Latter House!

The Glory of the Latter House!   The great importance and absolute urgency of the July broadcasts are very strong in my spirit. Here is the opportunity for anyone to catch up with God's prophetic program and timetable of the present time. Since 2017, we've...

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Jesus, The Lord of All Glory!

  Jesus, the Lord of All Glory! Last month, the Lord instructed me to bring a special series of broadcasts for the month of July. The Lord commissioned me to present all four aspects of ministry given to GHM and deliver these messages to the Church on the...

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A Glorious Promise with Urgency!

A Glorious Promise with Urgency! I enjoyed such a special anointing of the Lord's presence on me ALL of July 4th, America's birthday. It’s just another confirmation of the GREAT outpouring of God that'll soon fall on this country and then spread throughout the world....

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