Weekly Insights

The Great Wonder of the Church Rapture!

The Great Wonder of the Church Rapture! As the Lord has continued to speak to us over the last few weeks regarding the Church Rapture, we are in AWE of what we SEE! (To learn more about the Rapture, click this link to replay our Sunday weekly broadcast entitled,...

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Jesus, God’s Glory of the Ages!

  Jesus, God's Glory of the Ages! Time is THE power that regulates life on the earth. We are ALL subject to the progression of time. Time enables us to live life every day, and as time progresses, we also "progress" and unfortunately, grow old. It was...

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  AMERICA — CALLED OF GOD! Before time began, God issued a CALL from His throne to the nation of America concerning the last days (click this link to replay last Sunday’s weekly broadcast entitled, “God Chose America 5-8-2022”). Two hundred years after America...

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ACCELERATION OF TIME -- 2017 TO PRESENT! As I explained in the opening pages of our book, God’s Gold & Glory Revolution, according to the words of Jesus, the final generation of the Church Era started in 1948 when Israel was reborn as a nation. For the Church, it...

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