Weekly Insights


WEEKLY INSIGHTS ...E-news from the Desk of Apostle Gabriel Heymans We’re experiencing one of the greatest seasons of change at Gabriel Heymans Ministries! From our powerfully anointed new books -- to our spirited Sunday broadcasts -- to our revelatory “Weekly...

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The “WOW” Moment – Gold and Glory Vision

Yesterday, Tuesday August 17, marked the 28th anniversary of a spectacular experience I had with the Lord. What’s so amazing about the Lord’s perfect timing is that we began writing God’s Gold & Glory Revolution exactly 25 years since I experienced this...

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Latest Happenings

GET READY FOR OUR NEW LOOK! We’re in the process of taking Gabriel Heymans Ministries (GHM) to a new level! This transformation includes a fresh new website, the financial restructuring and expanded social media presence to highlight our collection of ministry tools...

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Restoration and Preparation!

It is the joy of our ministry to answer God's call to prepare the Church for the soon coming, end time revolution of Gold and Glory! On our last broadcast titled “Transformed from Glory to Glory 8-1-2021," we talked about three primary phases of God's end time plan,...

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Recent Weekly Insights

Our arsenal of Spirit-led books contains the revelation and power that today’s remnant army of
Holy Spirit believers need to be equipped and ready for
God’s final end-time Revolution!