Weekly Insights

We’re Making History

We're doing something that’s never been done before. Last year, we published the first comprehensive end-time discourse of God's conclusive plan for the Church age (God's Gold & Glory Revolution). The end is now in sight! GOLD & GLORY FLASHPOINT 1: According...

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Revelations About Jesus Christ

The life of Jesus is still filled with mysteries for 2,000 years after He left this earth. The greatest miracle is to understand how Jesus came from heaven to be born as one of us, a human being. His life and ministry in Israel are shrouded with secrets. The many...

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Going to Heaven

Over the past year, the Lord has completely exposed to us the entire system of antichrist Christianity and its control through the antichrist spirit. No wonder the Christian life is ineffective and dysfunctional, whereas it's only the grace of God that's carried us to...

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Our arsenal of books contains the revelation and power that today’s remnant army of Holy Spirit believers need to be prepared and ready for launch into God’s final end-time revolution!